Author Study (Possibly)

Back when I was at getting my degree in English at UCLA, I had to take several upper-division seminars, some of which focused on specific authors (like Thomas Hardy). I miss those days for many reasons, but the opportunity to read so many books by the same novelist and really examine their style and progression was fascinating (fine, maybe more so now that I'm done with it). So, naturally, I've been thinking about going back there, and reading a favorite author's bibliography in chronological order. Initially I was feeling ambitous and thought I could do it in a month, but then I realized how incredibly stupid that plan was. Depending on the author who I chose that might be impossible time wise, but the likelihood for getting tired of the writer would be high. And that's not the point of this, at all. So, time frame will be flexible, whomever I choose- maybe a few months, maybe six, maybe a year. For now, though, I have made a list of possible contenders, taking into account how many books they have written (only considering fiction and short story collections, unless otherwise noted), how many I already own, and how many I have read.

[all books I've read and loved by these authors]

Ann Patchett
Number of books written: 8
Number of books read: 3
Number of books owned: 4

Ian McEwan
Number of books written: 17
Number of books read: 6
Number of books owned: 6

Richard Russo
Number of books written: 10
Number of books read: 2
Number of books owned: 3

Margaret Atwood
Number of books written: 27 (oh my!)
NUmber of books read: 3
Number of books owned: 4

TC Boyle
Number of books written: 23
Number of books read: 3
Number of books owned: 6

Michael Chabon
Number of books written: 9
Number of books read: 3
Number of books owned: 6

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  1. Interesting idea! I've been trying to get through all of Ian McEwan's books--slowly but surely--but it would be interesting to read all of his books in order of publication to see how his writing has evolved over time.