Let's go window shopping, guys! 

I love, love, love a good flat and I have heard from a reliable source that her Tieks are worth every darn penny (in fact, she was on the verge of shelling out the cash for a second pair). The matte black option is probably the smartest, but the cardinal red ones are whispering sweet nothings in my ear... 

I am so very tired, down to the marrow of my pinky toe. I'll spare you the redundant details of working hard at work and at home (on top of things that don't fall into either of those categories), and just say that I don't foresee myself getting the sleep I need in the near future. Plan B? More coffee, please. I need a Keurig, now. I've been buying the premade iced skinny Starbucks kind from the grocery store, but they only lasts me a few days and are pretty expensive.  [Edited to add: by the time this posts I may have given in and purchased one; Target has them on sale and I AM TIRED... in case I wasn't clear before]

I've been on the lookout for a good blazer for ages, and I finally found the Elizabeth British Tweed Blazer at Boden. The Turquoise Herringbone is so pretty. 


Once upon a time I lived for ER nights (Thursdays, if I recall). I think maybe college (?) got in the way of my viewing, so eventually I sadly stopped watching. Unfortunately, you can't stream the episodes, but I recently stumbled around the box set. It's pretty pricy, but it is fifteen seasons worth... 

I sort of flip back and forth between chunky, beaded necklaces and more dainty ones. Right now I'm preferring the latter, so I'm definitely eyeing this little sunburst necklace from Lisa Leonard Designs:


I also need a new bottle of perfume. I recently, for the first time ever, actually ran out of the stuff I usually wear, so I've been relying on some backup. 

So, that's what greedy Christine is eying right now. I tend to hem and haw about buying anything over about thirty bucks (minus dresses from Anthro, Loft or Ann Taylor... my kryptonite), so in reality by the time I get around to deciding if I want to spend the money I'll be over these things! Nonetheless, if the money fairy gave me some spare hundreds, these would be towards the top of my lift (after I saved half, of course).

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  1. Those shoes are clearly a must - it's very important to have good footwear (at least that's the excuse I use every time I buy new shoes).

    You also clearly need a Keurig. It will save you money in the long run.

    And that ER box is a must have. One of the best shows ever.