Bullet Journal Fail

At the end of September I wrote about how I was going to give Bullet Journaling a try, and in October I did. I bought a notebook, some washi tape, markers, and some pens and created some pages to keep track of things like blog posts, miles ran, expenditures, and just some other assorted goals. It wasn't beautiful, but I made an effort to write neatly and slap some color on the pages. In theory, bullet journaling was right up my organized, control-freak, goal-oriented, journaling alley.

Alas, I failed. There are a few reasons why:

1. Time: My plate is overflowing and this, while enjoyable, was something I simply didn't have time add. 

2. Heft: Bullet journaling requires supplies that take up space. I already feel like a bag lady going in and out of work between all the crap I have to transport, and I had planned on using a few minutes at lunch each day to update it. There's not much availbable time at hom

3. Other systems: I already regularly write notes on my phone, I am a dedicated paper-planner user, and I have my own personal journal for all of those "dear diary" moments. I also keep track of things like the books I've read or own here on the blog. Pinterest and saved Bloglovin' posts also manage things like recipes I've tried and things I want to make. I just don't need another system.

4. Expense: I can see this becoming sort of a pricy hobby if you're always picking up more pens or tape or stencils or whatever. I rather spent my money on makeup, coffee, and books.

5. Completionist Syndrom: I found myself getting behind and forgetting what I did or didn't do (like how many miles I ran, for example), and it bothered me the record of my month wasn't complete. 

So, for me, bullet journaling is a no-go, at least for where I am at right now. Maybe it's something that I would be more successful at during the summer when I have more flexibility and time to play around with more creative sorts of projects. I am still glad I tried it, and I do still think the whole concept is really awesome and can see how it's a lifesaver for a lot of people. I am also glad that I've officially decided to quit and don't have the self-induced obligation persisting. 


  1. I feel the same way about bullet journaling. In theory, it is something that would be perfect for me, but in practice, I cannot get it to work.

  2. My bullet journal is really just daily to do lists and then notes about those things. lol I tried fancy at first, but I found I just liked putting a little x beside completed projects. So, I buy a new journal every few months and will eventually have to get new pens, but really hasn't been expensive because so simplistic.

  3. I can totally relate!
    Like you I love everything about the concept but lack the commitment (meaning I choose to do other things when I have time! ) I feel as a teacher we are always making lists and using paper...I make my lesson plans all 'dolled' up and get some enjoyment from that! I also keep buying journals to fill up..... my stack is mounting! Good for you for trying this out in your busy life!

  4. We should start a Bullet Journal Failures club...I'm in it too!! Hate that I wasted money on a really cute leather journal too. Ugh!

  5. I also failed. I never even started because it was just one more thing!

  6. I'm certain I would fail too. I love the idea but don't think I could keep up and hate having things left uncompleted. I have a line a day journal that I really should get back to but I hate that I neglected it for a bunch of months. It covers 5 years, so I feel like I *should* just keep going and chalk up the blanks to toddlerhood. But it bugs me and I keep thinking I'll be able to fill in the missing pages before I continue. HAHA!

  7. Whilst I admire how pretty and consistent people are with their bullet journals, I don't think it's a system that would work for me either (though I haven't tried it myself). I also keep several different journals for different matters, plus a daily agenda so I don't need another one. Kudos for trying though!