Once in awhile I post about things I'm loving- gotta share the wealth, right? Here's a hodgepodge of things I'm slightly obsessed with right now:

Oversized Coffee Cups 

Target has super cute, affordable ones, but I always like the occasional Anthropologie splurge. I picked the "C" one up with my 15% off birthday coupon this month:


ASICS Gel Kayano-22 Running Shoes

I still regret my temporary leave from ASICS. These shoes are made for my flat, over-pronating, deformed feet- I feel like I am walking on a cloud. I haven't even moved over my orthotics from my old Mizunos back to these.

Reese's Stuffed with Pieces

Move over Hi-Chews, there's a new, fattier, more delicious, favorite candy around here.

Target's Christmas Line

Sawyer and I have a problem... Target has the CUTEST Christmas decorations this year. Most of our purchases have been $10 or less (the ornaments for $3 are perfect for the bottom 1/3 of my tree where they at risk for toddler hands and large dog tails), but this little guy did find a new home:


Albero Spanish Rose from Trader Joes

Obviously this isn't one I recommend to my readers under 21... But, anyway, if you are old enough to drink, this is super cheap from Trader Joe's, but it's good after dinner on the couch while trying to keep your eyes open for an episode of Gilmore Girls. Let me add that I am no wine connoisseur. At all. 

Your Daily Mix from Spotify 

I am late on the Spotify train- my husband subscribed and he signed me up sort of against my will and now I LOVE it. I noticed these mixes based on your recent listens and they're a great way to hear favorite songs and discover new ones (like Empire of the Sun, who I am loving for running).

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  1. Oh great! I will now blame you for me obsession-to-be with the Reeses PB cups....oh man, going on the search for those today!