Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. When I write this post next week we will know who our next president will be. Finally. I waiver between relief, confidence, and sheer terror. 

2. Our eighth wedding anniversary is on Election Day. Scott, I do not need diamonds or flowers (not that we do that sort of thing anyway), just a Republican defeat, thanks. 

3. I can't stop eating Halloween candy. I just recently discovered Peanut Butter Snickers and I'm now worried that I've been wasting my life. But seriously, can we just wear yoga pants for the next two months? Oompa Loompa status is in my near future. 

4. I am not going in to work tomorrow because I have a few appointments but I have to wake up at the exact same time (5:25... unless Sawyer wakes up to party at 4:45 again today) to make it to daycare in order to arrive at my first one on time. I AM SO SAD. 

5. I have been awaiting the new Beck album for ages and it was pushed back to this month, and yet I can't see anything about it anywhere. I loveeeee the first two singles, so I have high hopes for the rest, but if he never releases we will never know. 

6. November is my absolute favorite month of the year. I know most would think it's because of my birthday, but I don't give two shits about that. November is the month of cooler weather, a day off for Veterans's Day, a week off for Thanksgiving, the holiday itself (stuffing!), and the calm before the Christmas festivities storm. This year there's also the return of The Gilmore Girls, a 5k at UCLA that my brother and I are doing together, and a semi-secret family event planned. 

7.  I bought Sawyer a Batman robe and it's pretty much the highlight of my 7-8pm hour every night. He just looks so cute. 

8. Yesterday I was fairly confident my treadmill was broken (it was stuck in an incline position). I messed with it and I think it's okay for now, but the sheer panic that I had to suppress was impressive. I know that many people hate treadmills, but I love mine. I love getting on it after Sawyer is in bed, turning up my music full blast, staring at my medals (to remember days that I was in better shape), and just going for it. 

Have a great rest of the week, folks. 


  1. Everyone, all over the world (as particularly social media) CANNOT WAIT UNTIL THE US ELECTIONS ARE OVER. I'm sick of hearing about it in Australia - can't imagine how tiresome it is for you. And scary, very scary.

  2. Happy (almost) anniversary! My wedding anniversary is also election day, and it's also our 8th, so I guess we got married on the same day!

  3. Hopefully your anniversary will be good, with the right kind of election results...(I agree with your wish!).

    This has been the worst election year I've ever lived through, and I've been through a LOT of them.

    My eldest son, who lives in Prague, is glad not to be here.

    I need to start exercising more!

  4. yes, cannot wait for election day to be matter who wins, it will suck.