An Afternoon with Senator Elizabeth Warren

I like how the title of this post makes it sound like Liz and I hung out yesterday. Like maybe for lunch or a little shopping, or something.

Not so much. Despite the fact that she spoke for over an hour with her pantsuit pants tucked into her booties, she is still far cooler than I will ever be. I did have the privilege of paying $40 for a signed copy of her new book, This Fight is Our Fight, and to hear her discuss the current state of the nation for almost ninety minutes, though. 

I met my friend at the Alex Theater in Glendale, a drive well over an hour, and we heard Senator Warren discuss everything from how our country has handled student loan debt, to the housing market, to our taxation system, and everything else that economically effects the middle class. She made several jabs at the current administration and spoke passionately about her motivations and determination to keep fighting. I loved her explanation as to why she attended the inauguration; she said she needed the image burned into her eyes and brain to keep her motivated (it has clearly worked). 

At one point someone shouted loudly from the back of the theater about her running in 2020 and the suggestion was met with thunderous applause and enthusiasm. She kind of groaned good-naturedly and shushed them, and she did recently tell Rachel Maddow that she isn't running. But... you never know. Who in their right mind would admit it now? Do I think she'd be amazing? Yes. Is she the correct candidate to ensure a Democratic victory? I just don't know. But I digress. 

It was a treat being in a room with hundreds of like-minded individuals, and I left feeling more optimistic about our country than I have been feeling. There are still people like Warren in power, so that means there are still people looking out for the average American.

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  1. What a great event! I'll have to check out her book - I'm thInking it would be good on audio.