Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. I love how excited people were about the eclipse. I wanted to be cynical, but even at like 64% here in Southern California it was still really neat. I had a few students who were downright giddy, which was pretty great.

2. I wish my traffic app could predict traffic at a certain time of the day. For example, if I want to see what traffic is normally like between my work and wherever at 4 on Fridays, it should be able to tell me. Or can it? Is this a thing I just don't know about?

3. I have never stayed in an AirBnB and am still a little skeeved out by them, but I have recently started to sort of fall in love looking at ones in cities I want to visit. I find it strangely relaxing and also fun to check out how people decorate and renovate. 

4. Saturday is gearing up to be just what the doctor ordered- I am getting my hair colored and cut (man, the summer sun has made my hair way, way too light) and then meeting a friend at the Anaheim Packing House for lunch. 

5. Sawyer has had some set backs at preschool after an easy start and it's been hard for us both. My mom, a preschool teacher, has assured me that it's totally normal once the novelty wears off, but it's been tough to watch him cry some at drop off and to hear from his teachers that sometimes he gets sad during the day. I was so concerned all summer with him being potty trained that I think I sort of neglected to prepare him well enough for the other parts of this huge change (he went from a tiny home daycare with just two kids to a huge center that is structured and busy). I know it will get better and I am confident that he will acclimate, but I feel bad for not better taking into account how many changes he's been through lately. 

6. I just started Home Fire by Kamila Shamsie and am enjoying it very much so far. It's a retelling of sorts of Antigone, which I have read several times for work, so I'm on the hunt for connections, as well. 

7. Totally preordered Hillary Clinton's new memoir coming out next month. Allllll over it. 

8. My husband and I are both professional, intelligent people who can handle technology and appliances and whatnot just fine, but for some reason we absolutely never have a working printer in the house. It's ridiculous.

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  1. I have heard of AirBnB, of course, but wasn't sure what it, of course, I had to Google it. Sounds cool.

    The Hillary Clinton memoir looks like one I would enjoy.

    I am sad that I can't have my hair dyed anymore...allergic to just about every hair dye out there...and it happened suddenly, after years of hair coloring.

    Enjoy your week...and here are MY BOOKISH/NOT SO BOOKISH THOUGHTS

  2. Sorry to hear about Sawyer's setbacks, it takes me straight back to when Ethan was that age and cried EVERY.SINGLE.MORNING that I dropped him off...and he didn't have any significant change prior...I think a lot of it is age.

    I've never stayed in an AirBnB either - I should poke around and look at them. My husband would probably never want to stay in one, though I'd be willing to try it.

    Printers....we are right there with you. Ugh.

  3. Finally finished my post:

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  5. Printers - We're getting to the point where we should probably get one because my daughter is in middle school and is having to print some more stuff out, but...
    Printers are expensive and ink cartridges are even more expensive! I can print at my dad's for free or go to the library for 15¢ a page!
    I specifically gave up owning a printer when my last one would run out of ink within a month and if I didn't make a point to print something every few days the cartridge would dry up! (The companies do this stuff on purpose.)

    I fear putting my son in kindergarten. He's very attached to me so I'm not sure how it's going to go. D: He's outright stated he has no desire to go to school (next year) and wants to stay home with me.

    My thoughts: Bookish Thoughts

    (Deleted the previous comment because the link didn't work.)

  6. Hillary Clinton has a new memoir coming out?!> *hops over to Amazon* I cant wait to read it.

  7. If you use Google maps on a computer you can get an accurate look at the traffic. It has a "leave at" or "arrive by" option. I use that leave at all the time when trying to figure out how long to give myself! I don't see it in the app though.

  8. I think our eclipse was like 80-ish%. It was pretty cool. My brother-in-law actually took a vacation down to North Carolina to see it.