Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

[from a recent trip to Downtown Disney for the LEGO store]

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1. Thanksgiving break is flying by- I barely blinked and the week is half over! At least once we go back it's only a few more weeks until Christmas vacation.

2. I ran a 5k at UCLA over the weekend and did much better than I thought I would, considering it's a really hilly course (I gained the equivalent to about twenty flights of stairs during it). It's always really fun to run around the campus, though, since I only go back once a year and there are always so many changes. Training on the boring treadmill sets me up for success in this respect, too, since outdoor running is so much more distracting (a good thing). After running I walked around campus for an hour, reminiscing and even reading for a few minutes (and losing my credit card for a few anxiety-producing moments). 

3. Today I get to take my three-year-old for a flu shot and dentist appointment. He will do fine, since he much rather waste his tears on trivial things like LEGO buildings falling apart, and one appointment is fine, but two waiting rooms and two clipboards of paperwork to fill out and several medical professionals to make small talk with is just too much. Not really fun for me (nor the best way to ring in my thirty-fourth year of life, but that's what being a mom and getting old is all about, right?). 

4. I fully intend on going all-out with pie crusts this year, using the different designs on King Arthur's Instgram as inspiration. It's just the three of us, but I don't care- I live for cooking Thanksgiving food. French bread cubes are drying out as we speak and I'll start the turkey brine soon. 

5. I've finished two books in the last few days- Artemis by Andy Weir (definitely not as good as The Martian.. review to come next week) and History of Wolves by Emily Fridlund (so good, but so depressing). I just started Joe Biden's memoir and it's moving pretty quickly, so I'm feeling good about my November reading!

6. I'm just going to come out and admit it: I really, really like Taylor Swift's new album and yes, I actually bought it. Because I know no one my age who feels the same way I randomly text an old student my thoughts. 

7. I've been trying to throw a bag of stuff out every day during break, whether it's just leftovers or trash from my car or random things I spot around the house. I love getting rid of crap- it makes me feel so much better about my house. 

8. Is it me, or does it seem like such betrayal when you abandon on old family recipe for something new? I did that the other day for pumpkin bread and felt like I did something wrong. 

9. I have pretty much no interest in Black Friday, except I do want to find Scrabble on the cheap so I can pick up a few more for my classroom and maybe some cardigans at Loft. 

10. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 


  1. I'm waiting to get Artemis from the library. I've heard very mixed opinions about it, but the majority seems to think that it was not nearly as good as The Martian.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Ah, small children at the doctor's office: not fun at all.

    The first link of mine in the list doesn't work!

  3. I like the new T Swift too (and I bought it!)

  4. Oooh...throwing stuff out is so cathartic, isn't it? I recently filled up TWO garbage bags of JUNK and happily placed them in the garbage can...within ONE week!! And I am not a hoarder or saver of stuff, so I'm surprised I came up with so much to get rid of.