Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. I finally got all the nonsense surrounding my small car accident taken care of- DMV paperwork sent, car dropped off at body shop, rental picked up, and statements give to both insurance companies. Adulting is such a pain.

2. I wrote a post yesterday about my reading since the election. Here it is in case you missed it.

3. Not only is Friday a day off, but it's also the day Taylor Swift's new album comes out. Stop judging me, thanks. I'm in the car for over 90 minutes a day and need new music. 

4. I'm getting a little desperate with Sawyer's up 2-4 times a night sleeping schedule (sometimes it's to go to the bathroom, sometimes he just wants to get up for the day, sometimes he just needs to be redirected back to bed, sometimes he has nightmares; we don't let him sleep with us and he's not throwing fits, so it's just all really frustrating and exhausting). I ordered a new nightlight, started infusing lavender oil last night, and am going to start him on an ounce or two of tart cherry juice this weekend. If none of this works I may have to ask the doctor about baby melatonin (I am very, very hesitant to do this, though, but I am not opposed to just talking to the doctor about it). This has been going on for over a year and it's tough (mostly for me).

5. My students just turned in a huge stack of "future memoirs" they wrote after reading Michael Ondaatje's and I am actually excited to read them! Using his as a model, they had to write seven pages of text and then use two other mediums for three more pages (photography, maps, song lyrics, etc...), discussing a trip home twenty years in the future. They had to have some sort of purpose (reconciling with a family member, a reunion, personal growth, etc...), so it was really more of a creative assignment than anything. Several of them admitted that they really enjoyed the assignment after so much whining, which is always a win as a teacher. Now I just have to get through some of their regular essays first. 

6. I'm still plugging away at Jeffrey Eugenide's short story collection and I really like it. I just haven't had much time to read this week, but hopefully I can finish it up this weekend.

7. My son just got mad at me for something and told me to "go to Target." Like that's a punishment? 


  1. Ha! How cute that "go to Target" might be a punishment. Does he hate going there?

    My second son used to constantly get up at night, usually right after putting him down (when he was two). This frustrated me more because my first child slept readily and easily, so I was congratulating myself on how well I had trained him...LOL.

    They do eventually grow out of that...and give us different challenges.

  2. Oh man, toddler sleep... why did no one tell me about toddler sleep? It’s always newborns that you hear about. 2-4 times a night is really rough. Mine is (usually) only up once or twice, but the unpredictability of his sleep has wreaked havoc on my own sleep. The occasional nights he sleeps through, I’m still usually waking up — which feels like a unique kind of torture. Oh and 445 is the morning, right? ::yawn:: Hoping things improve soon. Hang in there!

  3. Ugh! Accidents are a huge pain! Our car is in the shop right now (picking it up today). A few months ago it was a deer--we've had some pretty bad luck with this car of ours. I affectionately call it "Christine". I would take my son out walking in the evening, let him run around a bit and get tired. The fresh air and walking helped a lot. I tried to keep his nighttime/wind down routine the same. It worked better over time, and he finally slept through the night. I read your post the other day, and I thought it was awesome, I shared it ob=n my blog! Have a great weekend and happy reading!1

  4. When both of mine were toddlers, the only way anyone got any sleep was if they slept with us in our bed. O_O They did grow out of it eventually, but at the time it seemed like forever. My son (almost 5) will still try to con us into letting him sleep with us (doesn't work) and will crawl in with us in the mornings.

    I completely respect if that is not an option for you!

    The memoir assignment sounds awesome! *^-^*

    I did go and read that entry and it's really interesting. I do know some people who did vote the way they did ... and why. I also know people who didn't vote.

    HAHAHA, go to Target. Gotta love the weird stuff kids say.

  5. I'd watch out. Sounds like he's trying to trick you into going to Target.

    Maybe near the toy section....

  6. I don't really remember much about Amber's sleeping habits when she was a toddler. That's probably just as well. Even now though, I'm up at least a couple times each night; I'm a light sleeper.

  7. Sawyer >>> "Go to Target" - I love it! :)