May Intentions

[college acceptance letters! I am so proud and excited]

Only six days into the month... not bad... or good... Anyway, if you're new around here, every month I (try to) write out a list of intentions for the month and revisit if I followed through with the previous ones.


1. Grade like a crazy person- Yes I really, really did. Sadly, I am not caught up and my students have been turning in things faster than I can grade them. #Englishteacherproblems

2. Celebrate Sawyer's birthday- Yup! We had a great time and really made it special. 

3. Stop dwelling on the opinions of others- Nope! What was I thinking? This is just a character flaw.

4. See friends- Yup! I have seen lots of friends lately and have plans for even more outings.


1. Enjoy the last month with my seniors: I have all these kids for two school years, some three, and some I even had when they were in fourth grade. They are a really special group and I am so proud of what they've done and what they will do.

2. Start planning for summer: Of course I have things in the works, but I want to be a bit more organized about it. There are some things set in stone, but I want to generate a list of local fun things for Sawyer and I that we haven't done yet.

3. Yoga: While no where near lofty, I want to make sure to get in at least one yoga session a week. It's good for my joints, muscles, and sanity.

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