Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

Link up in the comments if you play along on your blog. If you're new to this weekly post it's where we just sort of list however many tidbits we want that might not warrant full posts (or might lead to them. You never know!).

1. This week was supposed to be magical- Evil Monday was out of commission and there were only four days left over. Unfortunately, not so much. There hasn't been anything overwhelmingly terrible, but just a sort of piling up of annoyances. For example, we had an all-day meeting today, when I would have much preferred to be in my classroom. Annoying. Chase also decided to screw up a nearly $3,000 transfer I made between accounts, which they admitted to and wasn't going to cause any crazy damage if fixed this week, but still. Annoying. My new running shoes aren't fitting as I want and my feet hurt. Annoying. Sawyer's new nightly homework is a pain on my late Mondays and Wednesdays when my patience hangs by a very thing thread. Annoying. See a pattern? Nothing that I can't live with, but added on to the daily grind with a few other things, it's just... annoying*. 

(Which I am now being, because no one likes a complainer).

2. I think I am going to take Sayer to Zion National Park in Utah for a few nights over Thanksgiving Break. I know someone who goes often and she said the weather should be great and the park far less crowded than normal. Coupled with low hotel rates and some time on my hands, I think it's a go.

3. Last Monday I ran with the cross country team for nearly five miles, since I'm friends with one of the coaches and know several of the kids. I'm not sure if "with" is actually quite the right word, since most of the runners finished far before we did. It was still really fun- it turns out teenage runners are just as kind and supportive as adult runners. It was nice to be outside and to participate in group exercise again, too. It was really tough, though, since we started off on hills and it was pretty humid (keep in mind I am used to indoors on the treadmill). I tried to come up with reasons to back out all weekend, but I put on my big girl pants running shorts and did it. 

4. Speaking of athletic activities (ha), I'm on a Fantasy Football team again this year. I ran one last season and opted to not this time, but when I was asked to join a league at work I went for it. I am such a sucker for group activities that involve any degree of competition. The funny thing is that I know NOTHING about football and can't even tell you who is on my team. 

5. I preordered Bob Woodward's book, Fear. I had to. If I jumped on Fire and Fury you know I was going to be all over someone reputable's take on the current "situation." 


  1. I also preordered Woodward's book...after all that he did during Watergate, he could be a beacon of hope for us in our current chaos.

    Hope the rest of your week is less annoying. Here are MY BOOKISH/NOT SO BOOKISH THOUGHTS

  2. Annoying things piling up can make us crazy. Good luck with Fantasy Football. I'm with you: know nothing about it. Enjoy the new book.

  3. ugh - my week was similar...i've been trying to get back to blogging...but warning, a lot of it may be kinda negative/complainy as life is just not going so well for me lately - i'll try to put a positive spin on things if I can.

  4. managed to pull together a post today....

  5. While nobody might love a complainer, nobody loves those weird, relentlessly positive people either. So...