Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

Happy Wednesday (ohmygod is that it?), folks. 

1. So, if you weren't aware, I have a thing for Patrick Stewart. The fact that Michael Chabon is helping to write the new Star Trek series makes the whole project even that more enticing. With Stewart's good looks and Chabon's brains, the SKY IS THE LIMIT (I'm not joking, guys). 

2. This is Us has been out for a full day and I haven't watched it. This makes me really sad. 

3. Have you ever heard of Scandinavian Egg Coffee? It's fascinating and disgusting, all at the same time. Basically, you mix up your coffee grounds with two broken eggs, shells and all, and then pour garbage-disposal-esque mixture into a pot of boiling water. the egg brings everything together and then cold water helps move the egg remnants to the bottom of the pot. I watched a Instastory on it the other day and was intrigued. I don't think I'll try it to actually drink, but maybe as a fun little science experiment? 

4. Unpopular feelings: I will resist online submission and grading as long as humanly possible. I need things physically in front of me, and I need to write with pen. Call me a Luddite, tell me I have issues with change, I just don't care. And considering I'm an English teacher with hundreds of essays to grade a month, just let me do what I want. (No one is forcing change... right now... I just can see where the tide is rolling and am naturally defensive about my habits). 

5. My brother is getting married this weekend! It's super small and casual, but all of my siblings, our significant others, and my mom will be there, as well as some extended family. Sawyer is going to be in the wedding, so that should be... interesting. He will probably do fine and is already excited to dance all night. I have a touch of a chest cold, though, so hopefully we are well by the weekend. 

6. Last weekend I went on a five mile hike with a good friend and it was just what the doctored ordered (well, that and waffles). It was so good to be outside, talk about life, and have a break from home. When I did get back to my guys I was in a much better mood than the day before and was ready to get stuff done.

7. This morning when I woke Sawyer up he said, "Mommy, I like your voice. Me so sorry you are sick. But your dress is beautiful." I sounded like a frog and wanted to put on sweats and go back to bed, so his happy little attitude and sweet compliments made my morning. It's been interesting to watch him become more aware of what others are going through and vocalize concern (I'm sure this a Freudian/developmental phase that I can't remember). Of course he's not always like that- sometimes when he wants something he couldn't give two shits if I'm tired.

8. My copy of Sabrina by Nick Drnaso finally came today! I don't even know what it's about, I just got excited about it being the first graphic novel to be nominated for a Man Booker Prize and ordered it. 


  1. Scandinavian egg coffee sounds horrendous. My husband is nearly finished with 'Sabrina' and loves it. My bookish thoughts:

  2. Congrats to your brother!

    And oooh I missed that about the Man Booker (missed all of the nominations actually — I’ll have to go look them up now) and I’m super intrigued. I really enjoy graphic novels and there are lots of great ones out there, but I don’t usually think of them as quite that literary.

    And I totally relate to the sweet Sawyer comment - at 3 my son can either notice unexpected things and be super sweet... OR I could be sick on the couch trying to just rest a bit hoping he’ll play on his own and he suddenly NEEDS me for a thousand things he doesn’t really need me for.

  3. Oh, weddings can be fun (if they are for other people!). Sounds like Sawyer is going through a cute stage, but they still want what they want when they want it.

    This Is Us was good, as usual.

    Enjoy clinging to your pen writing. Here are MY BOOKISH/NOT SO BOOKISH THOUGHTS

  4. Patrick Stewart is cool. Also loved him in A Christmas Carol. Hope they have a lovely wedding. Hope you feel better.

  5. a few days late - but I finally got it together: