Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

I just completed the above project for a friend's new baby. It was so fun to design and finish! Instead of framing it like I normally do, I backed the hoop with felt, which ended up a nice change. I'm currently on a RBG series, which is shaping up to be the best kind of obnoxious. Stay tuned. 

I finished Watchmen today and while not all parts were my favorite, I definitely can appreciate Alan Moore's work. It's a deeply thought-provoking work and the different layers and components worked together to tell a good story. I just wish it was a novel.... (although then I would probably deem it to sci-fi and not read it).

Margaret Atwood is coming to UC Riverside, which is about thirty minute from my house, but I can't make her talk! Someone amazing comes close and I can't go? Gah! Luckily I've already seen her, so I'm not quite as heartbroken.

I am completely caught up with my grading, which is a miracle. I mean the semester is barely two weeks old, but I've managed to grade 120 of each a set of questions, a quiz, a reflection, and a in-class essay. I've been teaching my kids more about time management lately, and have been trying to really practice what I preach. We have a President's Day break soon and I'm trying to go into with nothing to do. 

Now that the holidays are over, I've been counting calories again this week. It's the worst, but also the best thing I can do to lose a few pounds. I was reading a blog the other day and the blogger was so obviously terrified to admit to her readers that she was trying to lose baby weight by counting her macros and it made me so irritated. Yes, we should love our bodies and be proud, but it's also perfectly okay to want to lose a few pounds (as long as it's needed and done healthily). I hate that we're either judged for looking a certain way OR judged for wanting to look a certain way. There's no winning.

The countdown to Friday is ON. I am taking the day off, since I have a morning doctor's appointment. That night my friend and I are driving out to LA  for the Elton John concert. I grew up listening to him and still have him on basically every play list I create, so I can't wait. The rest of the weekend is supposed to be pretty rainy, so I plan to spend some QT in my sweatpants with a book on the couch. There will probably be some games of Candyland and some Magnet Block building in there too...


  1. I am envious of your Elton John concert...and I would also love to see Margaret Atwood.

    Your baby gift is gorgeous.

    Enjoy your week, and here are MY BOOKISH & NOT SO BOOKISH THOUGHTS

  2. My structure and routine really fell apart in January and it is KILLING ME. I've been back to work since Monday, but find falling back in to work has been hard. I missed (which made my son miss) an important meeting this Wednesday and that made it even worse. It's not good I tell you, not good at all.

  3. I love the project you made for your friend's baby! It's adorable and thoughtful!

    I'm jealous! I'd love to meet Margaret Atwood!

    Enjoy your weekend. Here are my Bookish & Not So Bookish Thoughts