2020 Resolutions (and a Look Back at 2019)

I once read that it's easier to add than subtract habits when it comes to health, which made perfect sense to me. Instead of restricting, you add healthy things, like vegetables or protein or whatever, and then you don't have as much room or time for the junk. I'm also very insistent that goals should be trackable; if you vaguely say "I want to exercise more" what does that even mean? And when I say trackable I mean charts, data, and accountability, which I did this year and it definitely helped me a lot. 

This idea of adding positive, trackable goals is the theme of my 2020 resolutions:

Add more...

Water- I don't drink nearly enough water, so I plan on having a glass whenever I'm waiting for my coffee to brew. It's not a lot, but adding 8 ounces first thing in the morning is a step in the right direction. 

Embroidery- I have big goals for my Etsy shop and embroidery in general this year, so I'm excited to make some progress there. It definitely isn't about the money, it's just a hobby I've enjoyed expanding. I'd like to average adding two hoops to my shop a month and average 1.5 sales. I'd also like to push myself to try to doing some collaborations with other people (I did two last year! It was fun!). 

Books- I read 72 books last year and plan to add one more this year, for a total of 73.

Trees to My Forest App- Instead of saying "less phone time," which is what this ultimately translates to, it means using this app to "grow" trees more, which requires you not touch your phone.

Money to Student Loans- I'd like to pay off a small one, which would save me $57 a month! I budget my expenses down to the dollar, because I'm neurotic, so this would be awesome. 

Alone travel- Really I just want to go on a little weekend trip alone at some point. The distance and extravagance is TBD.

2019 resolutions:

Read 72 books: Check!

Reduce my TBR by 30%: Nope (about 15%)

Do yoga 100 times: No (I'm a slave to cardio, but I definitely want to do more... my body is getting old and needs it)

600 treadmill miles: Yup! (thanks to half marathon training!)

Save $45/month for Christmas: Yes! I covered about 90% of my Christmas costs this year! I'll definitely be doing it again (now that it's a habit I don't need the goal)

Consider starting an Etsy shop: Done!

Rough draft of novel: Negative (I think about it a lot, though)

Teach Sawyer to read: YES! He can read phonetically now, which is SO exciting. We have started working on blends and whatnot now, too. I'm so proud of his progress. 

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