Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts


1. We are going into week seven of distance teaching and learning... I have never been so tired in my whole life (including when I had a newborn). 

2. What is JK Rowling doing? Ugh. I have a first-grader who is obsessed with the Harry Potter franchise and wants to be Harry for Halloween, meanwhile she has to keep running her damn mouth.

3. Halloween in 2020... what the actual hell? We are going let Sawyer dress up and we'll walk around the neighborhood (masks handy) to get the feel for things, and then I'll buy him a few bags of his choice of candy. Honestly, it sounds like a total win... he gets scared of some houses in our area and I feel like we skip so many as is. Plus, he ends up eating maybe 1/3 of what he gets anyway.

4. I started subscribing to the Melissa Wood Health app and really like it so far. Actually, I hate it, since I hate strength training and anything that isn't cardio or straight-up yoga, but I know it's good for me. I love that some of her videos are only 10 minutes- I was able to get through an arms one last night while I supervised Sawyer's shower. Clean kid, eventually super sleek muscular arms (ha). Win-win.

5. I haven't embroidered in seven weeks and it breaks my heart.

6. Last weekend Sawyer and I desperately needed a change in scenery, so we tired the crazy puppy out (she has 2.5 more weeks until she will be fully vaccinated and can walk outside) and the drove to a large regional park nearby. We walked around for awhile and then had -drum roll- A BOOK PICNIC. We had lots of snacks and read on blanket under a big tree for thirty minutes (Dogman for him, Rodham for me) and it was the highlight of my...  week? Month?

7. Speaking of the crazy puppy she had a two hour period the other day where she was so lethargic and sad that we almost had to take her to the emergency vet. Then, miraculously, she was fine. 

8. Sawyer is obsessed with making comic books- I think I've mentioned it before, but he's still at it, churning out nearly one ten-page story a day. It's just so fun to see his creativity (and it takes him 2-3 hours, so it's been a great way for him to occupy himself). 

9. I am absolutely devastated by RBG's death. I'd like to write a post on it, but who knows when I will have time. I have admired her greatly for several years, one of my highlights of 2018 being a girl's night out to a museum in LA that had a huge exhibit dedicated to her. 

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