Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

From Disneyland 

Summer break has arrived! I have been very absent around here lately, since life has been pretty hectic. In the last few weeks alone I have gone wedding dress shopping with my sister, to see my grandpa, to the San Diego Zoo, to Disneyland, to our graduation, and to the Central Valley to meet my mom to drop off my sister (we met half way). I also had to deal with a very visit that lasted a few hours with Ellie (she is fine now), buy a dishwasher, and get my classroom ready for the summer school teacher who is taking over for the next few weeks. PHEW. But so many good things, all thanks to the vaccine. 

The rest of the month will be pretty busy, too, and we'll see what July will hold!

I ordered my normal summer box of books, which I'll post tomorrow (really, I will, the school year is about broken blogging promises, not the summer). My TBR is absolutely insane right now, but I give no effs. That's what new bookshelves are for. 

I was soooooooooooooo excited for the Friends reunion but I have to admit I've only watched the first thirty minutes! I think it's a lot fun so far, I just can't get enough time to sit down in one chunk to watch it. 

I had subscribed to the Melissa Wood Health app, but recently canceled my subscription, since I thought she handled the pandemic really poorly (and also, her personality doesn't quite... "mesh" with mine). Instead I am going to sign up for Master Class instead! The first session will probably be dog training, haha. 

I have had an unresolved hip issue for years (long boring story), but it's gotten quite uncomfortable lately. Since resting isn't really my thing, I decided to basically throw all the tools in my tool box at it- icing, yoga with a hip flexor emphasis, nightly foam rolling, and adjusting how I walk/run Ellie. It's been getting better, but now I regret not trying one thing at a time, since all of these things take quite the commitment.

My brother has finally publicly announced that his wife is pregnant! Yay! I am sending the baby a book every month until it's born, so that it can start it's little TBR pile in utero. He/she is born in December, so I am hoping to fly out to Kansas where he lives  over my February break (weather permitting). I am so excited to have a little niece or nephew that I can snuggle and send things to! Sawyer is super excited, so I will hopefully bring me too- he can't wait either. 

Some not so fantastic family news is also on the horizon, too. My grandma has suffered from Alzheimer's for many years now and is in a residential care facility down the street from my grandpa. Her condition has started to rapidly deteriorate and she is losing the ability to swallow. Her advanced directive is pretty explicit, so we are predicting that her time left is starting to dwindle. I lived with my grandparents for three years during college, so I was obviously very close to her. She wasn't the typical grandma who spoiled us, but I would have been terribly uncomfortable if she had been (spoiling is not my love language, haha). She hasn't recognized me in years, but what actually makes me the saddest is just seeing how my grandpa talks about it all.

Dinner last night was Half Baked Harvest x two: Pesto Chicken, Corn and Avocado Salad and Herby Everything Cheddar Swirl Buns. She can do no wrong. 

I also plan on being a lot more active on my bookstagram account, so make sure to follow along at @bookishlyboisterous 

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