Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

Me, every day.

Next week is pretty busy, so this week I've forced myself to not make any official plans Monday-Friday. Honestly, it's been really great. Basically, each day is spent having a few hours to myself while Sawyer's at summer school and my husband is working, and then after I pick the kid up at noon the rest of the day is me alternating between spending time with him, reading, and doing whatever else I want. It's so much easier to wrap my brain around being at home when I'm not doing so for the pandemic. 

Next week I have three friend dates, a book club meeting, and a virtual four-day training for work. The week after Sawyer is done with summer school and I'm starting to plan some outings and invite friends over to swim. I love having people over again! 

California has "opened up," which is interesting. It's so great to see the numbers down in every horrible category (positive tests, ICU admits, death, etc...), but it still feels really weird. I still plan on wearing my mask in indoor places, since my son needs to and I want to set a good example. Even when he is not with me, I will wear one when I am indoors (like a crowded store), just because I could still technically contract it from someone and bring it home to him. I know the stats on kids not reacting the same, but it gives me piece of mind to know I'm still doing my part to keep him safe. I don't have a backup, okay? 

My mom was down last week and Scott and I were able to *gasp* go to dinner alone for the second time in a month. This time we actually went to a *double gasp* place that wasn't in our city and needed *that's right, triple gasp* reservations. And it was at like 8:30... at night. Wild and crazy, indeed. But honestly, it's so nice. We have very few people locally who I would ask to watch him while we went out, since I'm not ready to have my old rotation of college kids come to my house yet, so I'm thankful that my family was around at the right time. 

I watched a movie! The shocks continue! In the Heights was a lot of fun, although I am definitely aware of some of the backlash that's occurring in terms of the issues with racial representation in it. 

I am listening to so much right now in terms of podcasts and audiobooks- I started Seth Rogan's Yearbook, which is hilarious, and I am going to download Malibu Rising when I am done with that (please don't come at me, but I don't think TJR is a great writer; I appreciate what she did in terms of format for Daisy Jones, but she's definitely a listen, not a read). I am listening to The Office Ladies as I slooooowly rewatching episodes, and am also keeping up with Bad on Paper, some episodes of The Daily, Smartless and The Armchair Expert, and want to start the next season of To Live and Die in LA. Luckily I walk the dog for well over an hour a day, but still. So many options. 

I started Lisa Taddeo's Animal yesterday and... wow. So gritty, so dark, so sexual. It definitely falls in line with Three Women in the sense that Taddeo definitely has a really particular, unique voice that is present in her fiction as well. 

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