Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

I'm back! Summer (or life?) has just this weird vortex that skews time so intensely. Sawyer and I have been busy doing lots of fun things (having tons of friends over, going to the beach, swimming, etc...) and just got back from several days in Lake Tahoe. We had the BEST time. I hadn't planned on a trip this summer, but my husband's hybrid schedule was just too good to pass up, since I could go for a stretch of time and not have to worry about dealing with the dog. Over the course of our trip we hiked over thirty miles, read lots of books (on our own now, which the best), and ate lots. It was a really, really long drive, but Sawyer is awesome in the car.

Speaking of the car, I listed to Malibu Rising between the trip up and back and thought it was really entertaining. Not well-written (she needs to utilize some synonyms for "said"), but the perfect summer book to listen to while driving. 

While in Tahoe I finished Andy Weir's Project Hail Mary, which was also entertaining, and started We Came, We Saw, We Left, a memoir about a family's "gap year." I could never be as unplanned and adventurous as them, but I am loving living vicariously through them!

I have preordered several books recently, including Emily St. Mandel's newest, Colson Whithead's, and... Dav Pilkey's newest Cat Kid Comic Club book that doesn't come out until November (Sawyer mailed Dav a 10 page comic book he created special for him and we got back a form letter, but on the outside someone wrote him a note about his book being awesome... it was so cute... and I may have mentioned it already?).

I bought a Hyperchiller on Amazon and it totally lived up to the... hype. Ha. As a summer iced-coffee drinker, this a game changer and I am totally in love.

I have been using a lot of time-based tricks to motivate myself into productivity lately. I need to really deep clean and organize, but who really wants to do that? This morning I set a timer for ten minutes and started tackling the laundry room- I made some serious progress, and just quit when it was time. Same with a junk drawer and a bathroom. Sure, neither are quite done, but I'm over half way done and finishing up doesn't seem like a huge chore. Yesterday I did the same with my workout- I knew I needed to get thirty minutes in, so I did a quick barre routine for five minutes, ran for five more, did ten minutes of a steep incline walk, jumped for abs and arms, etc... It flew by and I got a good session in!

Work starts in *gulp* ten days, and while I refuse to do anything until then, I do read emails, and man have they started coming in.... We get three teacher prep days before the kids come, which are plenty for me. I don't know if the public really realizes that we only get paid for ten months a year, and while I choose to spread my salary out over twelve, I am not working for free on my break. I give them plenty of my free time during the school year. 

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