Five Tips I Use for Getting Through a "Meh" Day

Things are going well, nothing catastrophic has happened, but you still feel... meh. Know the feeling? Maybe it's from being over-tired, maybe a tiny bit of a funk, whatever it is, you're not feeling what you know to be your best. Earlier that week that was totally me- I was super tired (we have some schedule changes happening in our house right now that were totally anticipated, but still need to be adapted to), there are some nagging household things that have to be taken care of, and it's starting to get hot (I know, it's summer, it happens every year, but I hate July and August heat). Here are some of the things I did to get by-

1. Acknowledge it- I think I have spent most of my life in denial about these sorts of days, pushing myself to "be happy" and "be thankful." All of that toxic positivity nonsense. I was reading through a blog post from last August and I was so, so low- it permeated from basically every sentence. I told myself, "July 2021 Christine, you should be so thankful and happy you aren't August 2020 Christine! You are going places! Seeing people! Your family is super happy!" While this is all true, I was denying myself the option to even feel less than Suzy Sunshine. I think relieving that pressure helps right out of the gate.

2. Make plans- This really is the not-so-secret to my happiness, that I've been really vocal about. When I have thing to look forward to I automatically feel happier, so I made a hiking date with a friend and invited some people to come swim next week.

3. Get productive (with easy things)- I find that this is not the time to say, paint a room or clean the garage. Instead, I do a few quick tasks on my to-do list and benefit from the endorphins of productivity (my drug of choice).

4. Be creative- Lucky Sawyer loves to sit around and do projects, so I can recruit him to hang out with me while I plan an embroidery project or, like lately, work on a LEGO project.

5. Work out- Even a five minute break to do some quick weights, yoga asanas, or a walk around the block helps.

Bonus- Go to bed early. I am horrible at this (not that I stay up that late, but once Sawyer is in bed my "ohmygod I'm freeeeeeeeeee second wind kicks in). 

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