Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

Yesterday was Sawyer's first day of second grade and it went very well! It was the first time we had to deal with the childcare-school-childcare switch off and I was really anxious. He did great!

Honestly, the first day of school is pretty rough for most parents I know this year. We have to deal with our kids returning to full in-person days again, the threat of COVID, normal "do you know anyone in your class?" sorts of fears, and childcare logistics. On top of our own jobs! It's been a stressful few weeks and I can't wait for September, when everything will be a little bit more routine.

I just started Brandon Taylor's Real Life and so far, so good.

Do people in California realize that if you vote "no" on the recall election you are automatically voting to have a Republican run the state? I feel like recalls are really confusing to many, and I don't think people understand that the last time we had a conservative in charge education funding was pushed way down as priorities. Now, in a time of issues of race, public health, etc... I can't begin to believe what a disaster it would be.

I keep wanting to make these big proclamations about people not wanting to get the vaccine on social media, and how they're threatening the health of small children, and then I remember that basically everyone I talk to things the same way. BOOM. Birds of a feather flock together and all that.

I made the annual trip to the bookroom with my students and they were a little taken aback when I had them pick up eight books, four for each semester. Our load was a little lighter last year, but, luckily for them, many of what we read senior year is on the shorter side. We started Chronicle of a Death Foretold yesterday and the first reading quiz is tomorrow! We're off and running!

I know this is really unpopular, but I just an not Team Kristen Bell. I am listening to her on The Armchair Expert and there's just something about her tone or attitude or something that I find condescending and a little self-righteous (I'm going for it, I guess). She did make a funny pun about an "acowtant" at the beginning and I almost changed my mind. But I did not. I try not to make judgements on people I don't know, especially since I think public figures tend to get misrepresented so often. But I've listened to her on so many episodes now, and I just... don't want to be friends with her (not that she's over here knocking on my door, haha).

One thing we're definitely up against this year with students is this idea of easing them back into full time school, but also not allowing them to use their year off as a crutch. The push seems to have been "just get through it, just survive" so long that we have to teach them to really thrive again. It's hard, but I'm up for the challenge. 


  1. Wishing you and Sawyer all the best with your return to school! I go back to teaching in a couple weeks.

  2. Moving on past the Pandemic and all it has wrought...a challenge! Here's mine: MY BOOKISH AND NOT SO BOOKISH THOUGHTS