Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

All I'll say about work and having an unvaccinated kid in public school right now is that it's really stressful. I cannot imagine working in the South where there are no mask mandates. We have them and still... yeah... My students are awesome about wearing them, and Sawyer is too, but, still. Stuff to say but probably shouldn't here...  I have decided, though, that for every month my family and I stay healthy I will make a donation to Doctor's Without Borders. It's my way of being thankful and trying to put SOMETHING back into the world, I guess. If you're financially able, might be something to consider!

Happier things! Sawyer and I went to a big park with our books and a bag of excessive gas station snacks and read under a big shady tree for nearly two hours last weekend. It was the highlight of my week, for sure.

I am currently reading The Vegetarian by Han King for book club, and it's a bit of a trip. I'm not quite done, but I can totally see why people were making connections to Kafka. 

If being helpful and nice is being done to make yourself feel better, does it detract from your intentions? My students and I were talking about this today, and it's good food for thought. On the flip side, if you're willingly doing nice thing for people and it makes you feel worse what kind of person are you?

My son has one of those "question a day" books that lasts for three years, and today's question was "what is your favorite restaurant?" Every single year he has chosen Panera. I have failed. 

As of tomorrow my students will have finished reading their first book of the year, Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Chronicle of a Death Foretold. I'm so proud of them! Two weeks, one book already. It's a novella at only 117 pages, but, still. Way to be off and running. 

I didn't assign summer work this year, which is usually not the case (well, last year I didn't either, but that's a whole other story, since we started virtually). It has been amazing to start the year and not have a billion papers to grade. It does mean we have to hustle to get through everything (see above), but I am so thankful that I made that call. The kids needed it, too. 

I listened to the Kate Beckinsale episode of The Armchair Expert and I want to be her best friend. I had no idea I loved her so much! She is so smart, so funny, and seems so down-to-earth. Love her. 

I am trying really hard to just lay low this weekend, since I have lots going on the following two. The weather is absolutely amazing right now, though, so it's hard to fathom not getting out and about somewhere... (it's like in the 80s- usually we're triple digits in August). 

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