Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

Since starting my "Five Things About..." posts I won't be doing separate monthly recap posts here. I did read seven book in August, pictured above, though! Clearly I've needed to escape.  

The fires in Lake Tahoe are breaking my heart. We were there in July and they Tamarack Fire had just started- it has gotten a million times worse. I have a friend on the east side of South Lake and I keep checking to make sure it hasn't gotten to her. 

The theme of this week has been "death by a thousand cuts"- lots of generally manageable problems piling up and up and up. Finally last night I had to give myself a massive pep talk (and it was only Tuesday, haha) and totally refigure my expectations for many different things. After a truly horrific start to my morning today I rallied and might not die after all. 

I am going out of town this weekend and I asked Sawyer what he was going to do with his dad while I was gone and he said that they'd "have a party" where they would "eat cake and draw pictures for each other." Scott hates cake, so it will probably be more like Sour Patch Kids, but I can't wait to see their drawings, haha. I love how my son is so satisfied with the small, fun things in life.

On that note, a friend and I were just chatting about how the last two years and impacted out kids. I know that a lot of people focus on what their kids have lost, but I think a lot of us will be surprised (well, if we've set a good example, that is). My son knows a lot about being safe for our community, trusting science, making fun with what's around us, and about some of what goes on in current events (we still talk about the shooting of George Floyd on a monthly basis... Sawyer wanted to write a "mean" letter to Derrick Chavin in prison which was one part awesome and one part a little sudden). 

I haven't spent the night alone in a hotel room since February of 2020, before a half marathon, which meant I got up before dawn. I also can count the number of times I have been able to sleep in past 7:45 am since Sawyer was born in 2014 on one hand, so the fact that I am going to be alone in a hotel this weekend and not have to set my alarm the next morning is next-level MAGICAL. 

I am reading Murakami's Kafka on the Shore and boy oh boy oh boy did things just get weird. 

I just realized I haven't watched any sort of anything in almost a month- I clearly don't miss it. 

I absolutely do not support what is happening with reproductive rights in Texas at all. 

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