Five Things About... We Are the Babysitter's Club

We Are the Babysitter’s Club: Essays and Artwork from Grown-Up Readers by various writers and artists 

As a huge BSC fan from about, maybe, second to fifth grade this was nostalgia city. I always wanted to be a Stacy, but was probably 80% Mary Anne, 10% Kristy and 10% Mallory.
I loved the mix of both critical and complimentary pieces. There’s a lot to dissect when looking at treatment of race, disabilities, and gender. Martin got some of it right, ahead of her time, and some not so much. 

The collection was representative of a diverse group of writers and artists, which I really appreciated. BSC meant so many different things to so many different people. 

I love that I wasn’t the only person who loathed the chapter reviewing who everyone was and what they were like at the beginning of each book. The worst. 

The flow and organization was well-done, but I will say one minor complaint I did have was that a few of the pieces felt slightly redundant. 

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