Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

I went back to work on Monday- our school is open for business... for now. I have been missing probably 15-20% of my students collectively each period, and I have several out with confirmed COVID or for quarantining after exposure. We're plugging along at reading Kate Chopin's The Awakening,  so in many respects it feels very normal. On the other hand, there's this constant black cloud/elephant in the room constantly. Emails from the admin and district office, lots of subs on campus, etc... So far we haven't had trouble with outbreaks that occur in our actual classes, and I am hoping as long as we can keep it that way we can stay open. I post all the work I assign on Google Classroom and the absent kids are keeping up on it, for the most part, but it just feels a little depressing to have to face this every day. My son goes back on Monday, and I hope that his class and daycare stay open... I don't even remember what it felt like not worrying about everyday logistics...

If your cuticles are trashed from two years of straight hand-washing, I highly recommend Essie's Apricot Cuticle Oil. 

Recent book purchases:
The Maid
The Death of Vivek Oji
The School for Good Mothers
Fiona and Jane
The Third Pole: Mystery, Obsession, and Death on Mount Everest 

I still have not given up hope on doing my symbol-per-book hoop from 2021. I think I got through May, which means if I do a month every three days I could still finish it by the end of this month- not too bad. I do have an Etsy order I need to get done first, though, so maybe I'll give myself a few days grace.

I finished my year-in-review book, speaking of 2021 projects, last weekend and it was such a huge difference from 2020. I really want to be better about doing it after each month is completed so that I can remember more details, but, admittedly, it's a task that is perpetually moved to the lower priority. 

My dog, man. The other night she was sick at 3 am, due to overeating of some frozen corn (don't ask...) and then later that day when we were walking she tripped me and I am now the owner of a skinned up leg that looks like I'm actually a seven-year-old trying to ride a bike with no training wheels.

I'm obsessed with the Milk Bar Cornflake Chocolate Chip Ice Cream and I am starting to feel like my Target isn't going to sell it anymore. Just to be safe I ordered four pints from another Target to pick up tomorrow. This is why my husband and I have separate accounts... so that I don't have to share. IT'S ALL MINE. 

January is usually sort of a down month when it comes to planning weekend activities. This weekend I think Sawyer and I are going to go hiking in Orange County and then I need to hunker down and get a ton done around the house.  


  1. OK, I definitely need The Third Pole in my life! I say this after I just mailed you a request for buddy reads ideas. It could be our first NF co-read?