Books and More Books!

Christmas break this year has been a little crazy- I made a quick trip up North for an early Christmas, came back home to get ready for our trip, celebrated the holidays early with my inlaws, and then headed to sunny Hawaii. As far as reading, I've mostly been studying an Oahu travel guide (Fodor's is my favorite), although I've been trying to get in some Rushdie (Potter #4 was too big to lug on the plane).

After a long day of hiking, beaching (I made it up, deal with it), eating, and drinking, we're back to our room a little early and I've decided to brag about the awesome books my family and husband got me for Christmas. Some girls want purses, some ask for clothes, and there are definitely those that hint around for jewelery, but I'm one that asks for books. I hate asking for things, but am generally hounded for ideas starting in November, so I eventually give in. I don't feel quite so guilty asking for books, since they are relatively inexpensive, not too difficult to find, and easily wrapped. So here's what I've got to make room on the shelves for:

Since I love cooking and try to make at least one new thing a week, I was super psyched to get How to Cook Like a Top Chef, 5 Ingredient Fix by Claire Robinson, Spike Medelsohn's The Good Stuff Cookbook.

I've gotten the travel/adventure-within-reason bug the last year or two, so the written log of the documentary 180 Degrees South (men who climb a mountain in Patagonia) and the travel account The Lost Girls (three women who journey around the world) will probably multiply my wanderlust exponentially.

I also received a subscription to the literary/snarky commentary magazine The New Yorker. I feel that it's necessary to have a weekly reminder of how uncultured I am.


Typically my genre of choice, I'm the proud new owner of:

- Salvation City by Sigrid Nunez
- The Thieves of Manhattan by Adam Langar
- Skippy Dies by Paul Murray
- Flesh and Blood by Michael Cunningham
- The Lords of Misrule by Jaimy Gordon

Please note, that these are all actual books- none of that ereader nonsense for me! Happy holidays.

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