Pinterest May Be Evil... and Some Book Pictures

This originally started off as a post that was going to show a few cool book-related pictures (and, we'll get there), but then started morphing into a Pinterest rant. So, instead of a full-blown rant, I'll give you the Cliff's Notes (my pictures are stored on Pinterest, hence the connection). If you have no clue what I'm talking about, scroll way down.

First thing's first- I'm on Pinterest and love it. Let me just get that out there so no one tries to say I'm a liar or anything fun like that.

I am, though, starting to wonder what Pinterest c
an do to people, if they let it, myself included. All day long we're bombarded with materialism, a need to compete, and other things that overload our senses. This is quintessential Pinterest- it has everything, all the time. Within seconds you can pin a dress, decide on a new living room paint color, a new recipe for dinner, a better way to do your hair, and how you want your dream bathroom to look. I'm definitely a proponent of the recipes, but I have to admit the rest of it sometimes makes me feel really inadequate. I don't have money to buy a new wardrobe (although I do have two boards devoted to clothes), the resources for a million adventures (hey there, bucket list board), or the time to repaint my bathroom room every time I find a better picture (but you can find them amongst my domesticity pins). Does Pinterest make us greedy?

And the fact that it's so public can be a little creepy. I'm fine with strangers having so much insight into my life; it's the people I know having that knowledge that makes me uncomfortable. I know, I know, you put the parts of yourself out there that you are okay with everyone seeing. I know and do.

I'm not quitting anytime soon, but it's important to remember the "evil" sides of things. I know that alcohol wreaks havoc on the liver, but I had two margaritas last night and will go through a bottle of wine this week. I know that worrying make you sick, but still, I spend way too much time obsessing about things I can't change.

It's about moderation.

Maybe it's just me.

And let's end with some of those book pictures, shall w

1. Monster's of the Household Variety- Completely embroidered and disgustingly pricey. But so very, very awesome.
2. Book judging sign- true. Deal with it.
3 and 4. Great spaces (top and bottom).
5. Librarian undies.


  1. I'm not on pinterest. Between obsessively checking facebook and blogs, I don't have the brain space for it. That said, I smell what you're stepping in.*

  2. I absolutely love some of the random things I see on Pinterest, but I don't have an account so I don't actually do any "pinning" myself. I consider it a time suck just like most other websites in the genre. Then again, so is Facebook and my blog but I don't plan on stopping either anytime soon....

  3. I love the bookshelves around the couch. That seems like a dream reading place—throw in a few windows and I'd be set! I'm not on pinterest because I am distracted enough following twitter links. I do shop on etsy a fair amount and I like to heart things that are pretty or give me inspiration. So I feel that etsy lets me have the pinterest experience without going too crazy.

  4. I want the bed with the bookshelves surrounding the outside. I could see myself spending lots of hours there!

  5. this is one of the reasons I changed by name on pinterest just to my first name

    1. I thought about that too, but if it got to a legal level they could just trace your IP address.

  6. Ha! I judge people by the books they read too. I LOVE that!!

    I love Pinterest and just followed you so I can judge you for being so materialistic and vain :)

    Maybe its because I'm so immature, but I don't think any of my wants or needs on there are even slightly realistic. It just makes me laugh real hard to put a 21 carat diamond on my "Shopping List" :-)!!