I Am So Hardcore

Disclaimer Number One: I don't have kids, therefore these may be old news
Disclaimer Number Two: I'm about to talk about kid's products

Besides being a total book lover while growing up, I also had an extremely soft spot for stuffed animals (my mom has sweetly stored them all for me, so she says), so when I saw these little creatures I of course got excited.

I guess the company, Zoobies, makes several different animals with zippered pouches that contain fleece blankets (while slightly off topic, I really hate the word "blankie"). Cute enough, although a slight rip-off of the Pillow Pet (I most definitely did not buy my dog the full-size hippopotamus one two years ago). I got a little excited when I saw they offered eight "Storytime Pals," including the caterpillar from The Hungry Caterpillar, Spot from those little cardboard books, Olivia from her series, Paddington Bear, a bunny from Goodnight Moon, some of those round little smiley characters like Little Miss Sunshine, and my personal favorite Curious George (I most definitely am not considering purchasing it for myself).

My next post will be much more adult, I promise.

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