Defensive Much?

First of all, I had a gift card, so get off my ass. Yes, I fell off the wagon, no I don't need an intervention, we all make mistakes. Sheesh. I totally have my problem under control. I know when to stop, just let me handle it.

I bought more books.

My Fix:

Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson and Perter Harnell: The gay penguin book. There's a point, and there will be a post.

When the Kiling's Done by T.C. Boyle: I love T.C. and heard him describe his research on this book last year at a reading. I'm really interested in this growing trend of environmental fiction right now.

Mildred Pierce by James M. Cain: I was actually interested when I heard about the HBO miniseries starring Kate Winslet that I didn't watch. Basically, a 1940s housewife gone crazy.

A Visit From the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan: Had to give the newest Pulitzer Prize winner a shot!

Home Land by Sam Lipsyte: In honor of my ten-year high school reunion this year (my attendance is TBD) I figured I'd give this one a try.

The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore by Benjamin Hale: A monkey's memoir. Need I say more? If so, it's supposed to be witty, emotional, and well-written.

Changing My Mind- Occasional Essays by Zadie Smith: I haven't read an essay collection since college, so I figured Smith's would be a good place to start.

Reading in the Brain- The New Science of How We Read by Stanislas Dehaene: Supposedly combines two of my favorite things: the biology and reading.

As always, don't expect reviews anytime soon...

My name is Christine and I'm a bookoholic. And I don't give a crap.


  1. Hey at least you read the books you buy. The books I buy just sit on my shelves and look pretty!

  2. I watched the miniseries Mildred Pierce. I don't know if it's the era or the fact that I really like Kate, but I was hooked! It's an interesting story!

    I need a new book to read now! Can I borrow one please? A good, funny, witty, and sarcastic kind of book. I'm in that kind of mood this month!

  3. Awe, thanks for the follow. I look forward to checking out your blog. :) I'm moving this week so my time is limited.

  4. I tried to get on board with Sam Lipsyte and I just couldn't do it.