I Don't Get It

So, my ultimate goal in life is to quit my job and be a full time book blogger (you know, because there's such a market for that). While I'm guessing I won't be quitting my day job any time soon (or ever), I'm always looking for ways to get more readers, so I finally sucked it up.

I joined Twitter.

Yup, after years of declaring that I don't get it (I still don't) and thinking that it was slightly lame, I set up shop today after my lovely friend/colleague/fellow blogger Joanna was nice enough to give me a tutorial this morning at breakfast. On the right there's a little widget that will help you follow if that's your thing.

What you won't read on the BookishlyB feed:
- What I ate for breakfast (please, you already know, cereal)
- How much I hate laundry
- That I'm on my way to the dry cleaner's
- A weather report
- The super cute thing my dog just did

What you will Be bombarded with:
- Book news
- Blog updates
- Thoughts about books
- What I'm currently reading

We'll see how this goes. I'm still quite confused and really want to call it twatting, not tweeting.

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