Put it in Your Box

There are so many things that people can put into boxes:




and books.

Visual Editions is at it again with their newest release- a book in a box. Titled Composition No. 1, Marc Saporta's project is truly unique. The box is filled with sheets, each with a "self-contained narration," which can be read in any order. There's also an ap for the iPad, but that seems a little eReader-ish to me, so that's all I say there. The price does seem a little steep- $40 dollars, plus I think another $15-20 in shipping (it's coming from England), but considering the materials and execution I have no problem paying the price. Even if my husband didn't agree to go halvesies with me I'd still get it (how lucky am I to have a husband to split books with? We also demonstrated our obvious coolness while talking about linguistics at dinner last night). There will definitely be a full review once we get it.

I can't say enough good things about Visual Editions and the innovative work they're doing. They've recognized that the book industry is evolving and in order for the actual physicality of the book to survive they have to think of new ways to capture their changing clientele. I'm ignoring the ap- did I say that already? Their site is really interesting and it seems like they have some potentially awesome upcoming projects.

And no, they didn't pay me for the ass-kissing.

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