National Book Lover's Day. Lame.

What a lame-ass holiday. National Book Lover's Day? Really? Is it also Waffle Appreciation Month?

Bitter, party of one?

I highly doubt this "book lover" will be doing any reading today, thanks to the crap-ton of shit piled up on my desk to take care of right now. And what makes it even worse is that I have to type over the junk because I seem to be lacking the energy and desire to move it out of my way. Clutter is bad for my psychological well-being.

Cranky-Ass McGee? Is that you?

Oh, and I hate the name of the holiday. "Book lovers?" What kind of person with a Doctor Seuss level vocabulary made up that name? How about bibliophiles? Literary connoisseurs? I hate the word "lovers" anyway. It reminds me of dramatic fifty-five year old women that boink their pool boys, wear too much makeup and think they're supposedly in their sexual prime. "You should meet my lover Raul. He makes me feel so young again and only asks for cash-" Stopping. Ugh. Lover.

Paging Dr. Bad Attitude. Please call the pharmacy.

Oh, and to make matters worse, one of my AP students asked me how he was supposed to bring In Cold Blood to school tomorrow because he read it on his computer. And I had to effing be nice about it, because he actually did his work, unlike some of his peers. Another reason to hate eReading.

Hello, my name is Christine and I need to start eating more sugar again.

Enough blogging, more working (not that it matters). Moods like these are why I need to become a wine drinker; saying that I need a "shot of tequila with dinner" is definitely not classy (you know, because I'm all about the class). To those of you in a better mood and able to celebrate this poorly-named holiday please read a chapter for me.

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  1. lol you're right.. saying "I need a glass of wine" brings on a lot less judgment than saying "I need to get loaded from some hard liquor." Does it really matter how you get there? Wine makes me bloated anyway.