Dammit to Hell

What do Jeffrey Eugenides, Salman Rushdie and John Irving have in common (besides being amazing authors)?

They're all readings I was "supposed" to go to.

Irving was skipped because I was sick, Rushdie because I was overworked, and yesterday's Eugenides absence was due to the fact that I hadn't yet turned the page in my planner to this week.


I realized my error yesterday at around noon- the reading was at Skylight in LA (about 90-120 minutes away, depending on traffic) at 7:30 (i get home at 4:30). There was just no way it was going to happen- I have to have at least a day in advance to psychologically prepare myself to drive into the city and stay up on a school night.

There is definitely some morning after remorse going on. I love Eugenides! Middlesex is one of my all time favorites! Virgin Suicides was great, and I'm sure the Marriage Plot, which I pre-ordered, has been moved up to the front of the line. Seriously, ninety minutes of traffic is not that big of a deal. Being tired wouldn't be different from any other day.

I feel like a slacker. It will probably be another 6-8 years before he writes another book- who knows what life will be like then!

To make matters worse, tonight is the Foo Fighter's concert, which I'm obviously not at. Tickets were crappy when we tried to get them- not worth the price, that's for sure. I feel like I'm becoming a hermit.

Dammit to hell.


  1. "the fact that I hadn't yet turned the page in my planner to this week."

    Argh! I'm sorry you missed all of them. I hope another event that you want to see will come up soon, and that everything will come off without a hitch.

  2. Let us know how the new book is. I loved Middlesex and the Virgin Suicides.

    I really love John Irving, too. I think he might be my fave.