Blog Reading

I recently decided that blogs are the new magazine- at least for me. Over the past year or two I've become a fan, enjoying the motivation, recipes, tips, and distraction from my life. When making the "commitment" to follow a blog I look at:

Topic- Most that I read are about health and fitness, which is much different that the one I read. I definitely do frequent some good book ones, several related to cooking, a few fashion, and some that are just plain cool. I'm not into crafty blogs (I have nothing against them, I just rarely have the urge to glue and cut), mommy blogs (no explanation needed) or shopping blogs.

Frequency of Updates- Several of the blogs I read are for profit, so they update at least twice a day, which is nice if I'm bored. I have a hard time adding a blog to my favorites if they don't write a new post at least once or twice a week.

Grammar- I have a difficult time reading blogs that have blatantly poor grammar or writing skills. There's a difference between the occasional slip up (we all do that!) and just piss-poor writing. One of my biggest pet-peeves is exclamation mark overuse, although nothing if more irritating than apostrophe mistakes.

Visual Appeal- I'll be honest: I like pretty blogs! I know, this is ironic given the visual aesthetics aren't exactly Bookishly Boisterous' selling point. I especially appreciate great pictures on cooking sites.

Here are some of my many favorites:

Health and Fitness:
Run Eat Repeat (Monica is hilarious and blatantly human)
Healthy Tipping Point (motivational, and she's pregnant now- interested to see how it goes)
The Fitnessista (another pregnant blogger, but also a fitness instructor with great tips)
Running of the Reese's (hilarious- she runs my pace, so it's nice to not feel ridiculously slow)
Pancakes and Postcards (fellow Bruin, ex-Peace Core, Bay Area runner)
This Runner's Trials (amazing runner with fertility issues turned pregnant runner turned mommy runner)
Once Upon a Lime (drinker runner extraordinaire- my kind of girl)
Gourmet Runner (they built their own house- need I say more?)
Eat Drink and Be Meiri (she swears a lot, which I like)

Drizzle of Sunshine (my good friend who bakes me cakes and got me into yoga)
How Sweet it Is (amazing recipes)
Broke Ass Gourmet (great eats on the cheap)
Smitten Kitchen (just getting into them)
Annie's Eats (nice, normal food)

Book Riot (a collaboration of book bloggers)
The Book Lady's Blog (professional reviewer)
Literary Musings (solid stuff)
The Broke and the Bookish (responsible for Top Ten Tuesdays)

Just Plain Cool
Rockstar Diaries (these people are super-neat and have the best dog)
A LEGO a day (most related to Star Wars)
Fancy Napkin (found this cute blog the other day and managed to win her recent lip gloss giveaway!)

Now off to read an actual book.


  1. I read almost all the blogs you do! A few I am going to check out though!

  2. Love all these blogs! They are definitely addicting. Thank you for putting me on the list even though I overuse the exclamation mark (I believe it adds meaning and excitement to my sentences) ;p and my poor grammar. The fact that you can overlook those things says a lot about our friendship! Haha.

    p.s. I am up north but when I come back, it's back to headstands and warrior 1's and 2's.

  3. Why thank you for the add! I read most of these blogs but I definitely have a few new ones now to check out.

  4. I am with you on all of the above. They have to be decently written to be worth reading.

    And yes, I can see how blogs have become the new magazine. I need constant entertainment and I don't have to wait a whole month for the next issue. It is way more conducive to my need for instant gratification.

  5. Aww, Christine! Aren't you the sweetest!?! I was so thrilled to see a shout out to the Fancy Napkin. Totally made my day, and I'm excited to check out a couple other blogs that I haven't heard of before.

    Great post, and thanks for the love :)


    ps. You should start a book club of sorts. I'd totally love to follow along with you on some new novels. xx

    Fancy Napkin Blog