Nonfiction Nagging- So You Think You Want to Hike

Aside from a few little hikes here and there on field trips, I've gone on two major hikes in my whole life: Half Dome and.... Half Dome. Granted this is a serious hike- thousands and thousands of feel in elevation game, 12+ hours on your feet, cables, mountains, rocks, and terrain changes. Nonetheless, I have decided that I'm basically a semi-expert hiker (shaking head vigorously as these words are for some reason pouring out of my mouth-er fingers- lies!) and need to grace nature with more of my presence. After this bullshit is over, anyway:

It's even 5 degrees hotter where I work. Total crap. 

My biggest problem with hiking is that I have absolutely no idea where to go- I know of a few trails, but they're all really popular and extremely easy. My abnormally awesome hiking capabilities need to be challenged. Obviously. Did I mention I've done Half Dome twice

So, I of course bought a book:

50 Hikes in Orange County by Karin Klein is an extremely detailed guide that I recently picked up that offers hikes at every level, all over Orange County (I don't actually live in Orange County, but, let's face it- I prefer the terrain and it's much, much cooler than this sauna I live in). For each of the fifty hikes Klein provides:

- The location (city/neighborhood)
- The total mileage 
- The type (out and back, loop, shuttle, etc...)
- Elevation change
- Difficulty
- Suggested season to hike
- Fees
- Parking
- Trailhead coordinates
- Contact
- Pictures
- Detailed description of the actual hike

I really appreciate the information regarding getting to the trailhead and parking- not having those details have been a huge deterrent for me in the past. 

Some hikes that I'm looking forward to:

San Gabriel River to Turtle Overlook (Seal Beach/4.5 miles/easy)- While it's basically just a walk I'd like to see the huge turtles that are supposedly there year-round.

Santiago Peak via Holy Jim Canyon (Cleveland National Forest/16 miles/very strenuous)- This one is obviously tough but the view is supposedly worth it.

Vernal Pool Loop (Santa Rosa Plateau/5 miles/easy)- I would have to check the condition of the trail since I know a fire just went through, but the book says there are some really beautiful pools that were used many years ago.

Big Mo Trail (Coal Canyon/5.7 miles/moderate)- This one is appealing to me because it's quite close to where I live, plus it has a waterfall,

Guna Peak and Emerald Canyon (Laguna Coast/10 miles/strenuous)- This hike is supposed to be really beautiful, with plenty of trees, a creek, a great view and a waterfall). I think I'm most looking forward to this one.

Now who to make ask really nicely to go with me... 

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