Bookish (and no so Bookish) Thoughts

1. I have been sitting through what we call Individual Oral Presentations (IOPs) for my IB classes this week on The Catcher in the Rye and have seen some pretty interesting things. I've had a few kids try to convince the class that Holden is gay, had a student juggle, a girl show a 1940s ad for douche, and listened to a guy sing. Some of them are good, some of them are bad, and a lot are in the middle. Thank goodness we're wrapping up in the next few days, though. I'm not sure how much more I can take...

2. While watching The Oscars last weekend the first thing I thought when I saw Paul Rudd come out to present was "Man, I bet he smokes a lot of pot." Not that I mind, he just seems like he likes to get high. Maybe it's the long hair. By the way, speaking of The Oscars, I'm totally fine with my seat on the Jennifer Lawrence train- love her!
3. I can't stop listening to the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs song, "Sacrilege." 

4. I started wearing a pedometer for shits and giggles and am deeply disappointed by how little I walk at school. I figured I had to hit at least 6,000 steps while at school, but instead it's barely 4,000. It's definitely motivating me to park the car a little bit farther, walk the dogs a little bit longer, and make extra trips upstairs.

5. I think I'd like to write a book one day that is set in just one day. It would most definitely be a challenge, and I should probably focus on the book I'm currently working on, but it's nice to have extra ideas lined up. Ever since reading Saturday by Ian McEwan my appreciation for this sort of mono-day narrative has intrigued me. 

6. I started following Kristen Bell on Twitter and now have the urge to watch Veronica Mars all the time.


7. I just spent a ridiculous amount of money on Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake tickets for July at the Rose Bowl. I'm justifying it (ha, get it?) with the fact that it's really two concerts in one. So, basically, I'm getting a deal.

8. Bear with me, I think I have a new plan for buying books. For every book I read I get a dollar towards the next book. Therefore for every 12-20 books I read I get a new one. Obviously, when I read all of my books and I only have three left we'll have to reevaluate this plan; I'm just having trouble coping with not being able to buy any new ones at all. In fact, my wish list has grown exponentially since placing the "no buying" restriction on myself. 

9. I've been toying with the idea with expanding what I write about here, just a tiny bit. I feel like I have to justify non-book related posts, which is completely not true. So many times I've considered posting on things outside of the literary scope but have hesitated. We'll see. And now that I've started thinking about it I'm sure nothing besides bookish posts will come to mind.

10. I really, really love expensive cosmetics. Once upon a time I spent far more at Sephora, indulging in the occasional whatever from my personal favorites Nars, Urban Decay, and Smashbox. Since then I've managed to control myself and focus on the cheaper versions at good ol' Target, but let's face it- you get what you pay for. I've been really, really good for several years, but after receiving a sample of Urban Decay Lip Junkie in my Naked 2 Palette (a gift) all I want to do is spend $19 on tubes of lip gloss (tastes amazing, by the way). Oh, and I just signed up for Birchbox and there's a wait list! Bullshit. 

[smart girls can like makeup too]


  1. I like your book buying plan, but if I were to try it and actually be successful, I think I'd have to give myself more than $1 per book read!

  2. Wearing a pedometer is such a good idea to see where you're at. I love lip gloss and sephora!