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Some articles and posts I've been digging lately:

1. State of the Uterus Address- Young House Love: One of my biggest peeves as of late has been people asking me when I'm going to have a baby. Do people not realize what exactly they're asking? They might as well say "Hey, I'm wondering when you and your husband are going to have unprotected sex in the hopes that you are both fertile and ready for an offspring to take over your lives for the next eighteen years old." Umm, personal, much? I mean if I bring it up with you, then game on, but otherwise, no. This article is much nicer than I, but she brings up some excellent issues.

2.  Will Everyone Please Eat Gluten? Please? Because You are Literally Killing Me, Kind of- Elissa Strauss, Jezebel: I so hate fad diets. People constantly are searching for the next big thing to temporarily lose a few pounds the supposed quick and easy way. Just because Gwyneth does it doesn't mean we all should! I think what irks me the most about the gluten-free one is that the Celiacs out there who truly can't eat it must adhere to the diet for survival. By jumping on the no-gluten train for a few weeks or months you're almost mocking them. Plus it's expensive. 

3.  Chinua Achebe, Writer Widely Seen as the Father of African Literature, Dies at 82- Daniel Politi, Slate: I honestly haven't read anything by Achebe, but I will in the near future. It's sad when authors die- they get 0.01% of the attention celebrities do. 

4. Chef Who Killed, Then Cooked Wife Sentenced to 15 Years to Life- Ashley Powers, LA Times: All I'm going to say is that part of David Viens defense was the line "I love my wife. I didn't cook my wife." If my husband ever starts boiling water I'm going to run the eff out of my house pronto.

5. Forget Bars. Hose the Perfect Game Night Instead- Brian Donovan, Thought Catalog: I was just talking about the lost art of game night the other day with someone at work when I saw this. Once upon a time my friends used to get together in high school for game night and it was such good, clean fun. There was so, so much Scattegories to be had! And then I grew up and wanted to go out all the time. And then I grew up some more and realized that sometimes I want to be a hostess and have people over to get drunk in my living room instead. It's so much cheaper, guys.


  1. I hate being asked when I am going to have a baby too. It seems so rude. I would never ask someone that question... Sad news about Achebe. I read Things Fall Apart in high school and I remember really loving it. I should probably read it again and see what I think about it now.

  2. Regarding the baby thing, it's equally annoying when people ask you about gender. For example, if you have a boy, people always ask when your going to try for a girl - I hate that (as the mother of two sons). Maybe I only want boys, maybe I'm done having kids, etc., etc. YHL handles it really well...

  3. UGGGH. The worst part is when they ask, "Well, what are you waiting for? You're not getting any younger."