Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. Whenever I'm on Yelp trying to find a new restaurant I check the "good for kids" question. If the answer is a "yes" I seriously rethink going. I know I should focus on whether or not the food is good, but as a currently childless twenty-nine year old on a Saturday night I don't want to see hear kids. What can I say? I like to eat at grown-up places.

2. While working with a group of students prepare for the high school exit exam yesterday I got an overwhelming urge to read Richard Russo. Something mentioned in one of the generic reading comprehension passage brought me back to Mohawk and I promptly started adding more of Russo's books to my wishlist as I walked back to my classroom twenty minutes later.

3. For the love of whoever, would someone kindly tell me how we're supposed to change the bulbs in our recessed lighting over the stairs? Is there something I can buy? Is there someone I can pay? 

4. I can't handle the schizophrenic weather in Southern California lately. Take today- it's in the low fifties, raining, and windy, but by Monday it's going to be 80. Make up your fucking mind, Mother Nature.

[We'll be bitching about 100+ degree temps soon]
5. My asshole iPhone dumped all of my contacts this weekend. Luckily most of the people I talk to I text, so I was able to go back through my conversations and pair up the numbers to the people. After that I promptly backed it up (for the first time ever) on my computer and finally upgraded the software (I'd been resisting for months since I wanted to keep the old map app). Sad lesson learned.

6. I guess BEA registration is happening. Good for you folks that can go. Unfortunately it falls at the end of the school year and there's no way I could get away. Maybe someday.

7. The spam on Blogger is out-of-freaking control. I'm having trouble comprehending how the hell a Google company can't fix this problem. It's infuriating and pisses me off to no end. I don't want to start a captcha to comment, but it might have to happen until Blogger can get it together. 

8. I made my TA make a paper chain counting down the days until the end of the school year. There is nothing better than walking in every morning and taking off a link (if I was nicer I'd probably let my students feel the satisfaction, but I'm not). And while I do so, I repeat in my head "You can do it, Christine. You're one day closer to waking up every morning at 8 am, going to yoga, and then reading by the pool for five hours." 

9. I'm not a purse whore like some people, but it was definitely time to get a new one. I'm a total Fossil fan and my current one has lasted me about five years (my work bag, also Fossil, is on it's seventh school year and still looks great). It wasn't even close to being as much as a Kate Spade or Coach bag, but I still have massive buyer's remorse. I'm sure when it comes I'll get over it.

10. I've let three students now borrow my own personal books. Who am I? I don't even let adults! I think the difference is that I have no problem telling a student that they need to replace it if they lose it, but would feel like a bitch if I did it to a friend. 

[I just tell them they have to replace it and I won't like them anymore]


  1. I agree - the amount of spam I was getting these past few weeks was insane! I asked a few blogger friends who suggested changing your comment settings under "who can comment?" to "registered user". I did this and have had no spam since (it's been a week). No one can post anonymously and that way you avoid adding back captcha.

  2. Just like you I've had a crazy amount of spam lately. Luckily they are mostly caught before being posted on my blog. I may have to do what Brie suggested and turn off the anonymous comments.

    Also, I'm the same way when I lend a book out to someone, well if I ever actually lend them out after they give me a blood oath that they will not damage it in anyway or they will buy me a new one of course.