Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. Last Sunday, in a particularly foul mood, I was actually sitting in front of the TV, which was, for some reason, tuned in to the DIY Network. For starters, I don't really do DIY. I rather PSTDIFM- pay someone to do it for me. Anyway, Vanilla Ice has (had?) a show? What? He was building a deck out in the Everglades in a lake with alligators. I just don't understand... Vanilla Ice... DIY... Alligators. 



2. So, the yearbooks are going to be arriving at my school site tomorrow, which is about a week earlier than anticipated. I truly, truly dread this moment (almost as much as the day or two following disbursement). I'll take a book home and go through it a few times making sure no one is doing anything inappropriate, while trying not to dwell on any glaring errors. I'm by no means a perfectionist (I have no time for such bullshit), but I really don't want to see anyone flashing gang signs or pretending to hump their friend. For the past two years we've been free of anything offensive, so hopefully we can continue the trend.

3. I love hockey playoff beards. 

4. I'm trying so very, very hard to get through JK Rowling's The Casual Vacancy... still. This 505 page piece of mediocrity has really slowed down the momentum I had built up in April.  I just don't understand how people love this book.

5. A friend asked me to go to a concert with her this summer at the Hollywood Bowl. I've never been, so I'm pretty excited. A nice contrast to the Justin Timberlake/Jay-Z concert I'm also going to.


6. I've started a Greek and Roman Mythology class through Coursera and was really, really dreading it. Turned out it's not so bad- the professor is interesting and animated. We're reading The Odyssey right now, something I haven't read in almost fifteen years. It's much more interesting and easy than I thought! Just goes to show that you can't always trust your high school self.

7. I can't even begin to explain how much I loathe spending money on my car. I'm of course thankful to have a nice, reliable vehicle, but there is nothing I hate more than paying for things like, oh, say, tires. I could spend that $655 on so many more fun, intersting things.

8. I want to make these, these, and these asap. Unfortunately, none of which are conducive to my "look better in a bathing suit" plan.

9. I'm willingly going to see Iron Man this weekend. I know, shocking. Part of the appeal is how I can start singing the opening Ozzie's song every time it gets mentioned in my house. Or, equally as attractive, is the deep-voiced "I. Am. Iron. Man." 

10. Speaking of movies, I'm one of the few book bloggers that won't be rushing off to see The Great Gatsby. I need to reread the book, but I think it looks a little too over-done for me. Also, I can't get past the fact that it's release date was pushed back so far. I am, though, interested in hearing the soundtrack.


  1. I'm growing a playoff beard right now!

  2. What will you be watching at the Hollywood Bowl?

    I haven't finished the Casual Vacancy yet either. I might never finish it.

  3. My friend makes s'mores cups all the time and they are so yummy :)