From the Interwebs- Fun with Sluts, Extradition, Dyslexia, and More!

 1. While maybe not reading, you should of course check out today's Google Doodle, honoring the late Maurice Sendak, whose 85th birthday would have been today.

2. Slate's article "Where Should I Flee to Avoid Extradition" is incredibly useful if you plan on doing anything that warrants asylum. This piece was of course triggered by Edward Snowden and his current location in Hong Kong, which experts are saying may not have been the smartest place to flee to. Instead he should have tried Iceland, France (duh- they let Roman Polanski stay), or Ecuador. We'll save the PRISM discussion for another day.

[You wish]

3. Need some new friends? You might want to try sluts. Jezebel persuades their readers with "10 Reasons Sluts Make Better Friends," arguing that slutty friends are better conversationalists, more fun, are open-minded, and surprisingly sympathetic. It sounds bad I know, but I have to say that there is some definite truth to this. And for the privacy of my own friends I will now shut up...

[In Vegas... never thought I'd have a legit reason to use it]
4. As readers we generally try to connect with the characters we're reading about. "What Literary Character Do You Identify With" from the Thought Catalog got me thinking (his was Patrick Bateman from American Psycho, while his girlfriend was Jessica from Sweet Valley High). I definitely feel TS Spivet is a kindred spirit, but I'm sure there are more. 

5. Hungry? Need to be inspired on a culinary level? Try this, this, or this.

6. This quick blurb from Galley Cat discusses a new open-source font that helps those with dyslexia have an easier time identifying letters. Using technology for good. 

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