High Five for Friday

I just ran across "High Five for Friday," hosted by lifestyle blogger Lauren Elizabeth and thought it looked like a fun way to brag about recap your week. This week was definitely a busy, fun one:

Clockwise, from top right:

2. Crystal Cove in Newport- a friend and I walked for almost an hour on the beach!

3. There was cupcake eating at the delicious Sweet and Saucey before the above walk...

4. Another friend joined me for a pool day and we decided to pretend to be white-trashy with Bud Lights Lime-a-Ritas. They're not horrible, but super tiny and super low in alcohol content (and a bit too sleep and there was no salt). Nonetheless the weather was beautiful and the company wasn't half bad either.

5. Chomsky and I did a few things in the front yard (he was leash-less and didn't try to run away- progress!) while we waited for my sister to arrive at the train station. I am trying to regrow grass in a few patches of my lawn and IT'S WORKING! No one really seems to understand my excitement, but that's okay. I just feel a little bit like, you know, God, but it's all right. No big deal. 


  1. Chomsky! What a cutie pie!

  2. Haha it really is a great way to brag about your week. Um, I don't have much to brag about so I never join in, but I love reading everyone else's :) Your week looks wonderful!

  3. "White-trashy"? What does that mean, exactly?

  4. those gardens look gorgeous! haha white-trashy. love it!
    Helene in Between