Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. Kings of Leon's new album came out Tuesday- love.

2. I made this: 

[so many burnt fingertips....]

3. I have to confess- I'm a (temporary) Coursera drop out. Life has been way too crazy lately for me to take on extra work. Right now my priorities are handling everything for work, getting enough sleep and exercise (or at least intending to), spending time with my husband and dogs, seeing friends, and reading for fun. When I take the Coursera classes I feel pressure to finish and stay current, something I just don't need right now.

4. First period prep (for those who aren't familiar with high school scheduling this means the free period I get every day to prepare for my classes and grade) is going to kill me this year. It's the third year I've had it and it just keeps getting harder and harder to be productive. I arrive at seven no matter what, it's a just a matter of whether or not I'm going to do more than sit at my desk and stare at the mounds of things to do or actually work on them. Morning person I am not.


5. Apparently Jennifer Lawrence is going to be in the East of Eden movie, which I have not read. I pretty much love her, so I may have to pick up a copy before the movie comes out (which will be in a long time).

6. Tomorrow is our last day on Macbeth and I couldn't be happier. It's a great play, but six weeks on any one text with a group of teenagers is enough. 

7. I'm not even going to lie: I'm pretty excited that Grey's Anatomy is back tonight. It's total shit, but I'm a sucker for medical dramas. Unfortunately, since we're ditching cable in a few days I'm going to have to watch it on my computer (or maybe Hulu on the xBox? I don't know how that whole thing works yet).

8. Speaking of cutting the cord on satellite, we've waited because of this Sunday- the very end of Breaking Bad. If Jesse dies I'm going to be so pissed. That poor guys has been through so much... last episode alone! Walt, though? I hope he buuuuuuuurns (and not from the cancer).

9. Last weekend we waited for 80 minutes to go to a restaurant called Slaters 50/50 (know for their 1/2 bacon, 1/2 beef burgers, which I did not get) and it was definitely worth it. I practically had to be rolled out of the restaurant Oompa-Loompa style since I ate so much, though. I loved the fact that they work with an app that lets you check your wait time and how many parties are ahead of you as much as the food. If you don't accept reservations it's the least you can do.

 10. I'm so mad at Banana Republic. While virtual window shopping I found a jacket that I wanted for $250 (that I loved), but wasn't sure about, since it's a little outside of my winter jacket price range. And then today I get an email promotion that offers 40% off purchases of more than $200. It's a good deal, right? Plus, it's a ton less than the Burberry one I really want... I know. When your biggest problem is whether or not to spend too much money at BR you need to shut the fuck up.


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