Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

Link up below! (And hello and welcome to some of those that have just been starting to participate! I'm trying to find the time to jump over and visit your blogs, but I have a 4 month old and just went back to work- to say things are crazy is an understatement!)

1. I'm so conflicted about the ice bucket challenge. It's for such a great cause, and is so entertaining, but here in California we're in drought crisis mode. Being from the Central Valley I'm pretty sensitive to this stuff, since so many family friends are farmers and depend on irrigation for their lively-hood. Plus, don't we feel a little bad for the people in third-world countries who don't even have access to clean water? But still, so much money for ALS. 

2. I love writing tests sometimes:

3. Today was our fifth day with students and out eighth overall. Getting into the swing of things has been really tough- I'm exhausted, I hate taking Sawyer to daycare (despite being totally comfortable with the provider... I just miss him), and I'm still getting over losing my beloved senior class. 

4. Speaking of the seniors, several came to visit me today, so that was nice. 

5. How do we feel about kombucha? I'm scared to try it, but it's all the rage right now, and we know how important it is to be trendy.


6. Yesterday while at the grocery store an employee was checking out and wanted to buy a pack of cigarettes. The checker straight-up refused to get them for her, saying, "Nope, we take care of our own here." The employee gave in, admitting that she did have an electric one she was trying to use more. It was great.

7. The school year our district gave each teacher $500 to spend in their classrooms- and astronomical amount for our area (profession?). I went to the teacher supply store, which is mostly geared towards elementary teachers, and piled my cart full of random (but useful) crap, thinking I had spent a lot. Nope, not even a third. I'm not used to this luxurious lifestyle.

8. A campus supervisor asked me, and my very pregnant friend, when we were due. Come again? Say the fuck what? I admit it- I have five pounds to lose still, but they're hanging out around my ass, not my belly. 

9. I need to devote some serious time to looking at books that have come out in the last few months and ones that are on their way. Not that I'm buying them, thanks to a self-imposed financial diet, but I still feel out of the loop.

10. I made this two weeks ago. It was was so easy and so delicious- I need to make more tarts. Plus pretty, an important quality in food (see above- blogger was being weird).


  1. 1. I totally agree - it is conflicting because hello wasteful, but at the same time it is actually raising a ton of awareness and money. I kind of feel this way about Movember. Fine, create some awareness by growing a 'stache, but wouldn't it make more sense if all those men had to get an exam as part of their campaign? Otherwise, what's the point?

    8. Woah! Doesn't this person know you NEVER ask when someone's due? Unless you personally know them and know for a fact they are pregnant.

    9. I'm so out of the loop it's not even funny. I miss working in a bookstore for this very reason. Having a baby sure didn't help the matter.

  2. I have never even heard of Kombucha. I guess I am not very trendy when it comes to food.

    My mom made the mistake of asking a lady when she was due when she wasn't even pregnant, so I have learned from her mistake and I just never ask. I wait for the person to bring it up.

  3. What a horrible thing to say! I remember the nurse in my doctor's office asking me this one week after my late-term miscarriage (I lost the baby in the fifth month). Not only insulting, but hurtful. And she should have known better.

    That was SOOO many years ago, and obviously it still bothers me.

    You mentioned California's Central Valley...I live there, too. I came here (temporarily) in 1971...still here! LOL

    Enjoy your week.

  4. 1. I agree. I am starting to feel like people are doing it just to post a video on Facebook and to get out of donating. And that's not the point. It's wonderful how much money has been raised, I'm not downplaying that - I just hope everyone who's doing it is actually donating.

    Have a great week - glad you're adjusting to the new schedule okay. :)

  5. I haven't heard about Kombucha. What is it supposed to do/be? I hate it when people say rude things. I bet the person remembered that you were going to have a baby and just lost track of when you were due (past tense)

  6. That tart looks delicious! I need to bake more.

  7. We went on a two week vacation to the beach and are now on a self-imposed financial diet until December. It's depressing (I'm sure it will feel good next year, but right now...not so much).

  8. I've never heard of kombucha *goes to look it up* Meanwhile, the tart looks amazing :)

    Yikes about #8! =S