Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. I love the word "Adirondack." It's just fun to say. Just do it. Now do it again. Kinda rolls off the tongue, right? It makes me want to go the mountains. Or buy some chairs. Or sit on some of those chairs in some of those mountains (how effing meta). 


2. My husband cashed in a whole bunch of Best Buy coupons over the weekend and bought the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and we both really enjoyed it. Now I desperately want to go to Iceland... or Greenland. They're both just so beautiful, and clean. 

3. There is no difference between a calzone and a pizza, sorry to burst anyone's bubble. I made BBQ chicken calzones the other days and as I sat there in my classroom eating leftovers for lunch I started thinking what the point of making them really is....

4. I need to invent a Chocolate Golden Graham's Shake. I'm sure it's already been made, since basically everything you could every dream up has already been thought up by someone a tiny bit more original that you are, but whatever.

5. I'm obsessed with almond extract. Yesterday I made my third peach tart in like two months and wanted to douse my entire body in the stuff. I subbed out vanilla and cinnamon for it in my French toast on Sunday and it was delicious. 

6. I've been taking the herb Fenugreek in ridiculously crazy amounts (if you really want to know why, think breastfeeding reasons) and I smell like maple syrup now. No joke. I guess it could be worse, and my husband doesn't notice it, but I do. I guess Fenugreek is used in a lot of syrups, so it makes sense. I think it's important to warn people, just in case someone starts craving pancakes after they've been hanging out with me for awhile.

[I am now done with the food portion of this post....]

7. My friends are getting married in less than two months and I've made it my goal to lose the last few Sawyer-pounds so that I can buy a new dress. Given the whole budget issue, this is a huge incentive. Which reminds me, perhaps the Golden Graham Shake, French Toast, Peach Tart, and calzones aren't the best idea. 

8. For some reason I thought I could wear Sawyer forward-facing in the Baby Ergo. Turns out you cannot, despite that some people do. Luckily I only tried it on a short walk, which he loved, but the kid was five minutes away from losing all circulation in his legs. I felt bad, for like ten minutes, but then I remembered how little sleep I get and how breastfeeding him has totally jacked my schedule, and I felt a little like he might have had it coming (kidding, kidding).

9. Over the weekend, while getting my hair FINALLY done, I wrote a really long post on my phone about how I'm learning to stop thinking I owe explanations for things, like how my husband and I spend (or don't spend) our money, decisions we make about our kid, how I spend my time, etc... I didn't end up posting it, since it turned into a rambling mess fueled my the rage I was feeling as my stylist made me wait. Nonetheless, it was pretty cathartic.

10. Reasons why the weather needs to get cooler: so I can wear hoodies, soup, lower electric bill, less resentment about not being able to lay by the pool whenever I want, evening walks, treadmill time in a cool room, better air quality, lower water bill, hot beverages, holidays, and boots. 


  1. I <3 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, I watched it recently as well and it was just gorgeous. I really want to go to Iceland, but after seeing that movie, my desire to go there next has increased tenfold xD

    I can't wait for the weather to get cooler as well; I'm done with the hot weather (which came back this week with a vengeance it seems) and the summer clothes. I want my sweaters and boots and cooler weather...

    All the talk about food has made me hungry *yum*

  2. I am with you on wanting to lose a few more pounds...too bad my "baby" is 6.5 so I can't really blame it on pregnancy anymore.

  3. I am longing for the cooler weather...these hot, hot Central Valley days are killing me! And I got still another huge electric bill...sigh.

    Love the look of that French post today is kind of foodie, too.

  4. It's supposed to snow in Colorado tomorrow. I cannot wait to break out tights and boots. And for pumpkin to be appropriate.

  5. The Adirondaks are beautiful. It's funny you bring them up as I'm going there at the end of the month. Lol

    I feel like I have to explain everything too. I'm slowly transitioning away from it because I feel like it's nobody's business but mine. Unfortunately my solution involves me just talking way less. Introvert problems.

  6. I'm tempted to splurge and buy the new ergo 360 that came out this spring just so we can face Sully forward! I would want to face forward too, if I was a baby, goddammit. (We already own a regular ergo, plus a few other carriers, sigh).

    Someone told me the other week that you won't lose those last 5-10 pounds until you FINISH breastfeeding!! Because your body holds on to that extra fat for breastfeeding. That's going to be my excuse now anyway ;) Good luck! I'm thinking you have more willpower than I do anyway!