Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. I want so badly to love Lana Del Rey, but I don't. She has a great voice and I'm always looking for new music, but I'm just not feeling it.

2. I had to go to the doctor for the first time in years the other day (not counting pregnancy stuff). Sinus infection and double ear infection. I blame the baby for now allowing me to take care of myself like I used to. I hate taking antibiotics, but it was either that or dying.

3. I need ten hours in my classroom with no phone or internet so that I can catch up.

4. I just started The Round House Louise Erdich and am really enjoying it so far. I haven't read a lot of  Native American fiction, but what I have I always enjoy (Ceremony, The Indian Killer, etc...).

5. At what age do people get to stop blaming their parents/upbringing for how they act as adults? Someone brought that up in conversation recently and I had to chomp down on my tongue big time. I've talked about it with some of my students too, and they said as soon as you can start really telling between right and wrong, although some of them rightfully brought up the idea that your parents may have skewed your morals. Our upbringing obviously shapes us, I guess my point is that I'm just not okay with grown-ass adults using that as an excuse for bad behavior.

6. This made me laugh:


7. How much do we love love love Kate's list of year-end book lists? She's done this before and I'm so grateful for her leg work. Rumor has it she's going to compile a list of frequently-mentioned books.

8. I always appreciate students that prove me wrong, namely ones that maybe slack off a bit or show a "reluctance to grow" (either by choice or because English is a challenge for them) and then come back guns blazing and kick butt. Sure, I wish that fire would have been lit earlier in the semester, but I love a good underdog story. Or maybe their parents are just bribing them with Christmas gifts. Nonetheless, it makes me happy when kids come from behind and improve.

9. Last week I posted a picture of Sawyer and I going down the slide at the park on Facebook and someone from high school posted a link to an article condemning the practice, along with her own anecdote. Admittedly, my hackles went up immediately and my response went through several edits so that I was able to make my point (that there are many dangers in the world) with some humor and light-heartedness. But upon reflection, I really didn't have the right to get defensive. By putting my kid's picture on the freaking internet I'm opening up the world to judge him, and whatever parenting decision I have made in conjunction to the picture. It come with the media-age territory. I think this may deserve a full post....

10. We started watching Sons of Anarchy last night, finally. I love motorcycle gangs, so why we waited so long is beyond me. Anyway, I'm hooked. 

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  1. Awww... Thanks for posting my List of Lists. And yes, the frequently mentioned book list is coming (I think there are about 20 titles that appear on multiple lists).

    I love the things you'd wish on your enemies :-)

    Re: slide pic. Yeah, you did put it on Facebook but honestly, if you saw another mother's pic on Facebook would you post a negative comment? I certainly wouldn't - people put stuff up to share/ show-off - they're not looking for judgement (I'm assuming, although I'm not a Facebooker). Too often, I've found mothers to be the most judgmental of other mothers - ignore it. For the record, I went down the slide with all of my kids and they turned out okay ;-)

  2. I feel the same way about Lana Del Rey. I think all of her songs sound exactly the same and I can never get through one because I get bored. Meh

    As for the slide pic, sheesh. I think moms who make other moms feel bad about their parenting are just plain sad. We are all trying our best and trying our best to keep our little ones safe. My nephew got hurt while he was sliding down with my brother (ankle got caught and twisted) and I have so many students who get hurt on a daily basis on the monkey bars, slide, basketball courts, stairs, chairs, and desks... It's sad but unless we put them in a bubble...shit is going to happen, regardless of the precautions we take. I agree with the last comment, you should be able to share pics without being judged for it.

  3. I have a family member who is constantly criticizing things other people post on Facebook (including me) under the guise of being helpful and informative. It drives me insane! I just want to scream at her and tell her to mind her own business, but of course, I don't. Instead, bite my tongue and try to say something nice.

    I love Sons of Anarchy! I'm a season and a half behind right now. My hubby and I were binge-watching on Netflix for a while at night but we had to take a break. I wasn't sure about it at first but got hooked pretty quickly.

  4. Oh, wow, I do love the list of Things I Would Wish Upon My Enemies...I especially love the one about the remote across the room...and flimsy toilet paper.

    Great list of favorite books, thanks to Kate...and to you for linking. Reminds me to create my list. I have been creating my Favorites List on my Curl up and Read blog as I go, so it will be easy to post.

    As for those criticizing your posting...I am sure those people have done some things that you would not like, either. Why do they get to voice their opinion? Oh, yeah, the Internet is forever and readily accessible!

    For all the "evils" of the Internet, there are many good things...I get to see my grandkids more often (they all have pages and regularly post their own pictures), and yesterday, someone posted my kids' grandmother, age 93...and this morning she passed away! That was the last photo we got to see of her.

  5. I'm confused…why is going down a slide considered dangerous?! Maybe we should ban playgrounds altogether! Sheesh.

    We just started SOA too! Not sure why it took us so long either.