2015 Bookish Resolutions

[someone's getting faaaaancy]
I love New Year's Resolutions, whether I stick to them or not. I appreciate the idea of starting anew, the promise of possibility, and the endless material for list-making. I always make personal ones that are of the usual variety- lose weight, be nicer, spend my time better, blah boring blah. Then, for the sake of the blog and everyone's entertainment, I do some bookish ones as well. I try to be both realistic and challenging, and to try to specific. So, let's see what I probably won't do (but intend to):

1. Read to Sawyer five times a week- Most nights we read after his bath before we start settling down for the night, but sometimes I'm in a hurry, he's had enough or we're out for some reason.

2. Read 10,000 pages- I thought this would be a different way to go, since I usually go the "x amount of books" route. This calls for me to read between 25 and 30 pages a day, which I think is actually very attainable. 

3. Continue to blog regularly (13 times a month)- I've done a lot better that I thought I would after having Sawyer and want to keep it up. I need to be better about scheduling posts.

4. Got to one reading- This was the same as last year, and it's one I actually met. Readings are usually in LA, which ends up meaning I leave the house by 5 and am not home until 10, which is a little hard to do with a baby. Next fall he'll be older and it will hopefully be easier to do this.

5. Keep better track of where the books  read are set- I started a map for this last year, but didn't finish it (I'm stupidly thinking that I still might somehow). I want to either find a cool app or free site that will allow me to do this online, or I'll do a physical one. I just bought one I plan to put in my classroom for my students to do as well (or maybe I'll keep it for myself, who knows).

6. Interactive book recommending bulletin board- I want to create something awesome for my classroom. I've got the beginning of some ideas, so as soon as I execute them I'll share.

7. Find more high quality blogs- I read a lot of lackluster healthy living blogs, to put it mildly. Blogs that were decent a few years ago but have lost steam due, in my opinion, to burnout. The content is pathetic, but I just can't quit. I need to find some smarter, better written ones out there and start weeding the crap out of my reader.

8. Reorganize my bookshelves- It's time to do some massive rearrnanging.

9. Keep working on my personal writing- I have these detailed daydreams about getting a book deal and traveling the country wearing dresses from Anthropolgie talking to people about the novel I have not yet finished. I started doing my Diary of an Unmotivated Writer posts and I was actually inching along but stopped because of the holidays. Time to get back on the horse. 

10. Minimize review books- I've really slowed the rate at which I accept review copies and need to continue to do so.

*This was also done for The Broke and the Bookish's Top Ten Tuesday
What were yours? 


  1. I really need to focus on my personal writing too. A couple years ago, I was doing really well but it's just slowed down to nothing since then. I have various ideas, and I do give them thought and kind of outline in my head, which is a start, but I need to really sit down and focus.


  2. Love your detailed daydream for #9! While I was able to write a bit this year, I feel I really need to stick to a schedule now to get drafts done. You can do it! =D

    Happy New Year, Christine! Best wishes for 2015 :)

  3. Oh man #7 ..... So many blogs that used to be good. Sigh. Well at least I found your blog eh? :)

  4. I like these. Very attainable and realistic. I've been pretty impressed with the frequency with which you've kept up blogging! I need to read to Sully more often too. It's frustrating at the best of times though because he won't sit still for a book. I'm hoping this is just a phase because I will *make* him love books otherwise, ha! When you find some good healthy living blogs, pass them on my way!

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