Weekend Update: This is What Boring Looks Like

... and I may never make plans again.

Who am I kidding? This is definitely not true. I am notoriously overextended when it comes to weekends, but most of the time this makes me the happiest. I have to have things to look forward to, opportunities to see friends, and the chance to get out of my house, or even zip code. Let's just say I become a huge pain in the ass for myself and others if I don't. 

That being said, this weekend I canceled our plans on the basis of possible inclement weather and the gut feeling that I should just lay low. And so we did, and it was perfect. I was able to feel productive in most areas of my life which is a rarity these days. My husband got up with our little early bird on Saturday which meant I slept in until 8:30, which was a Christmas miracle. I graded papers, read blogs and commented on them (for once), played with Sawyer, walked the dogs, cleaned the house, ran errands, watched Room with Scott (I cried during half of it; having a kid now makes the whole story so much harder for me, plus maybe my beverage of choice made me sappier? Who knows... I'm a movie crier no matter what), did some yoga, and read about a third of Claire Messud's The Woman Upstairs (loving it). 

These are admittedly super boring, mundane, typical tasks for most people, I know. But the idea of not having to rush out the door was really nice. I was also able to spend over half the time in sweatpants with my hair piled on my head, which is an obvious win. 

And while I think getting Sawyer out in the world and experiencing things is incredibly important, so is the feeling of being cooped up and even bored at home sometimes. It's a rite of passage to have to wander around your house and figure out how to entertain yourself! We colored, read many stories, lined up his cars seven million times, went out on three or four walks when it wasn't raining, and busted out the bathtub markers (why did I not have these when I was a kid?). 

I decided I wanted to pick up a few Don DeLillo books from Barnes and Noble, so we made quick stop. I made the poor kid go to the bookstore, Ulta, Anthropologie, Bath and Body Works, Starbucks, and the bakery in a 90 minute window. He took it like a champ, so he may have gotten his first Thomas train ever, which he insisted on holding for the rest of the night. By the way, do parents just sell their kidneys for the tables and all the trains that you need for it? Jesus (prediction: I will eat my words in the next year or so... hello dialysis). 

[I promise, he doesn't have three noses, I just keep his face off the blog]

I finished up today with my first attempt at a lemon meringue pie, and while I was worried about the meringue setting up right it ended up being the custard I wasn't thrilled with, which was irritating because I've made custard many times before. I blame Alton Brown and his crappy recipe (he's kind of douchey, in general, right? A smart guy, but still, I got an ass-hat vibe from his podcast).

So, yes, my weekend was incredibly boring, but knowing that I'm back to status quo starting next week made me so appreciative. 

Have a good week, guys!  


  1. Ebay for the tracks for Thomas (& Friends!), I've found buying the trians at B&N to be about even in price, but I've saved a ton on the tracks/bridges/stations/etc. And they last for a while, my 5 year old still breaks out our box of them regularly.

  2. Well your weekend sounds heavenly to me...that's basically how I felt last week when I took a sick day...I got all the chores done at home and had some time for me, it was fabulous. Sometimes having ZERO plans is the best plan of all!

  3. I think your weekend sounds great! It's nice to get out and do things, but I love just hanging out at home. When you're ready to invest in a train table, there's absolutely no reason why the table itself has to be a Thomas one...Sully got one for Christmas, the brand is KidKraft (ordered off Amazon), and it comes with a full track set and trains and decor. And it was a fraction of the cost. Then he has a few special Thomas pieces and all the parts are interchangeable anyway!

  4. Yes, we often refer to our million dollar Thomas collection... When the time came, I sold the table and some of the track but kept the engines - crazy given we have so many (four kids, what can I say?) but so many memories in Percy, Edward, Skarloey...