Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

[Lake Tahoe when I was there four years ago]

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1. I'm on book five of summer break (we're two and a half weeks in). I am proud. I'm about half way through Ways to Disappear by Idra Novey and while I do find it interesting, I think there are a lot of areas that it's lacking, at least so far 

2. I am soon leaving for Lake Tahoe for three nights for work training and I am equal parts excited and full of dread. Obviously, three nights of guaranteed sleep and no domestic responsibility is pretty amazing, as is the beautiful location (we get done by three or four and can hike in the afternoon), and the quality of the seminars (I've gone for something in a different subject before). But, the logistics of leaving are a bit tedious. I hope everything goes smoothly and I can learn lots, relax, and get to spend some outside. 

3. I took Sawyer to a place called Pretend City today with a friend and her kids, and it was the coolest kid's museum ever. Basically, it's set up like a small town and the kids can interact in little rooms set up like a doctor's office, farm, STEM lab, gas station, fire department, etc... It was clean, creative, and the kids had a total blast. I even signed up for a membership since it was such a good deal. I think we only have to go back four more times in a year for it to be worth the price. Not bad.

4. We've had a busy few days, since we went to Downtown Disney over the weekend as a family, had a friend over to swim yesterday, and then have things scheduled for the rest of the week. But busy if good when busy is fun, and it has been, minus the scheduled well-child check up for Sawyer tomorrow. 

5. I am absolutely addicted to G.H. Cretor's Chicago Mix Popcorn. It's half caramel and half cheese, in the same bag. I pretty much hate popcorn, but this stuff is the best.

6. So, I love the Des' sit-in going on right now for gun control regulation, but I'm doubtful it will really help. I love that those who aren't participating are bringing their colleagues things like "soda pop" and "Pop Tarts." Damn straight. If you aren't going to help me work, the least you can do is bring me a Diet Coke and a strawberry Pop-Tart.

7. Apparently I'm going to just keep talking about food, because my husband sent me a link to Burger King's newest heart-attack-in-a-wrapper creation, which I must try:


8. These are the best shorts, ever, period, the end. They zip on the side, have a  scalloped hem, and can be dressed up or down. I have two black pairs (and many, many others from the Riveria line, and basically live in them every day). PSA: I think they're 50% right how. 

9. The other night I had a dream that the pool guy said that there was something wrong with our pool pump and GUESS WHAT! When I woke up the pump wasn't cycling water through and I had to call him to come fix it (I also worked myself into an impressive internal state of pissiness because I just knew that it was going to cost hundreds of dollars to repair... and then it was basically nothing and I don't think he's even going to charge us... the silver lining to seeing the glass half empty is the occasional pleasant surprise).  

10. If you have a toddler I highly recommend the Suryia and Roscoe books. they're not exactly brilliantly written, but Sawyer loves seeing the dog photographs of the dog and the orangutan together. He mimics Suryia's expressions and has me hold him upside down when we get to a certain page.  


  1. I have to go to a conference in a few months and am so not looking forward to all the prep work I'll need to do to get my husband and toddler ready. Good luck and enjoy the time away!

  2. I love Lake Tahoe! We used to go there a lot when I lived in Sacramento. Enjoy!

  3. How does this linky work? It sounds fun!
    Congrats on five books! I hope it all goes well!

  4. I forgot you're already on summer break! 5 books is great! And your trip to Lake Tahoe (even if it's work related) sounds awesome - a place I definitely want to visit one day! I think you're the second person I've heard talk about Pretend City - I wish we had something like that here! Sounds so cool.

  5. Just looking at those mac and cheese Cheetos makes me cringe... so much artificial orange! I hope you will report back if/when you try them :)