Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. Does anyone have Tieks? Should I buy some? I love flats (well, my feet do, since they're assholes), and there's a girl at work who swears by them, but they cost a fortune. Who has some? Tell me more. Yes or no? 

2. I want to go to Vegas, without my child, for two nights, and with friends that will have fun and not wimp out at like 11. I want to stay somewhere expensive, spend way too much money on food and drinks, wear something that I probably am too old to wear, and sleep embarrassingly late the next day in a bed that I do not have to make. WHY IS THIS TOO MUCH TO ASK?

3. But, instead of this, I am going to the glorious Modesto this weekend with Sawyer and one my oldest and favorite friends (she's staying with her mom, I'm staying at a hotel, not because of my mom, I love her and she's great). I have mixed feelings about this trip. Part of me thinks the drive will suck, because of the two-year-old, part of me thinks it will be fun, because I'm a little bit of a sucker for a quickish road trip (6-6.5 hours). Part of me thinks I hate Modesto still, part of me is excited to eat Yogurt Mill and Taqueria Carolina. And see my family. It's been over three years since I've been back and it's just.... weird

4. I wasn't sure about the new Beck song, but I listed to it a dozen times and now I like it.

5. I'm on my second book of the summer, and I've only been off for five days. It feels good.

6. In the past day I've dealt withe the fence finally being put up in the back yard, the HVAC coming to finish up an issue with our downstairs unit, and the gardener about a sprinkler pressure issue. I have zero shits left to give about home maintenance.  

7. I have dinner plans with an old student tonight after Sawyer's bedtime and I know there's a solid chance I'm going to forget because it's so out of my normal routine and I have a weird headache. I haven't accidentally ditched her yet and I already feel like an asshole. 

8. Sawyer has developed the habit of telling everyone who even gives him a tiny bit of attention about whatever is on his shirt. Today is was Curious George, yesterday a goldfish in a bowl that he thought was a baseball, and so on and so forth. I think it's cute, but at some point people are going to think he's weird. 

9. Friday night (or Saturday?) sucked, and I was tired, so when I went to bed I needed to sleep. Sawyer somehow knew this and didn't wake up. Apparently I should have told the people that live in back of us, because at 4 am they started having extremely loud sex. Who does this? At 4? They aren't young, either. Were they up for the day? Had they not gone to bed yet? Did they wake up coincidentally at the same time and just go for it? I turned my light on and they took the hint and shut their window (mine had been open too, that's why I could hear). At the time I was super pissed, but now I'm just confused and a little impressed.

10. I am pretty sure most of America knows who they are voting for at this point. Let's cut the crap and just have the election now. I just can't deal with the internet for the next five months. People are idiots.



  1. I hate political stuff, and the part where they debate, call each other names, etc.

    I grew up in the Modesto area, and couldn't wait to leave....I loved where I ended up at first (SF, then Sacramento), and even though I'm not back in Modesto, I'm still in the Central Valley (Fresno). Can we ever leave our roots behind? lol

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  3. I've been eyeballing some Tieks myself but I can't bring myself to pull the trigger because they are sooooooooooooo expensive!

  4. #2! I live in Vegas and it's too much to ask! LOL Us moms gotta stick together. Haha.

    I was just saying that last night about the election. One of my favorite authors is, sadly, getting on my nerves with her political posts. It's really sad to say, and normally I am totally fine with a difference in opinions, but I feel like she's trying to shove her opinion down my throat. 90% of the time, I don't comment on political posts, but she mentioned in one that basically if you disagreed with her and if you comment, you'd get blocked. Even if you were being respectful. I'm just so done with this election. I can't even.

  5. I stay in a flat, and my bedroom is next to the bedroom of the flat next door. Let's just say that sometimes I wish the walls were a little thicker!!! I can totally understand your annoyance, I'm always annoyed at the time too, probably something to do with the time of day!!
    I must admit, I'm getting a bit tired of the election in the US too, and I live in the UK, so it doesn't even really involve me!!!! :)

  6. Las Vegas has never really appealed to me as a holiday destination before but the trip that you want sounds great! I don't know why anyone wouldn't want to go with you!

    9 takes me back! When I was in my first year at university I was in a halls of residence and the girl in the next dorm to me would have such loud sex that everyone on the whole corridor could hear!

    I'm from the UK and even I'm fed up with the US election. I really can't believe how long the whole process takes. We've also got this whole EU referendum going on over here and I'm sick of that as well. *sigh*

  7. Your sentiment in #6 reminded me of this which a friend of mine was given as a gift -- Haha. Though the language is a tad bit stronger.

  8. I hear Tieks are amazing for teachers in particular. I've been wanting a pair too but I can't bring myself to spend that much. A friend of mine has 5-6 pairs and swears by them.

  9. I have also been thinking about buying some Tieks lately because they look so darn comfortable, but I haven't done it yet because of the price. Maybe as a Christmas present.