October, Plus September, Revisited

Hey there, October. 

October is the last long stretch for us teachers, since almost every single month for the rest of the school year has either a vacation or a day off. I know. I just had a summer, right? But still. It's all about having things to look forward to!

Here's how I did on my September goals:

1. No social media, blogs, or email in bed at night: Not really. Improvements were made, but I definitely can't claim a yes here.

2. Planks every day: Nope. I did a great job until I got sick, and then it took me about a week to feel right again. I've been back at it for the last few days, but, a week off definitely takes me out of the running. 

3. Watch 10 TED Talks: I AM A FAILURE AT LIFE

4. Finish an Audiobook: Yes! Finally. I finished the incredibly lackluster, mediocre After You by Jojo Moyes. I'm done with her, just too many misses after Me Before You.

5. Sign Up for a Toe Surgery or a 5K: Yup. I signed up for a 5k in November after seeing my podiatrist and getting some gel sleeves for my toes. The pain has started creeping back (the honeymoon period is over, apparently), but it's still manageable with these. I will still need to get the toe surgically straightened out at some point, but I can't take the time to be off my feet right now, considering I have a very energetic toddler. 

I have a really busy month ahead of me, between visiting family, things planned with friends, parent-teacher conferences, and whatever else I can't think of right this second. I want to be realistic, but I also want to work on being more focused, efficient, and balanced. When I've been stressed lately I take a second and ask myself, "What would make you happy right now?" and try to come up with three doable solutions (frequently "drink coffee" is on the shortlist). So when I thought of what I should work on this month, I pulled from things that I constantly consider as ways to make me feel happier. A glimpse into stressed out Christine's happy places:

1. Continue seeing friends at least three times a month: I try to do something with a friend every weekend or every other weekend. I've talked a lot about my emotional and mental welfare depends on being social and active, and being able to touch bases with the people that are important to me in person is a non-negotiable. Luckily most of my friends are moms, or non-moms that love kids, so if I have to bring Sawyer it's no big deal.

2. Log 50 treadmill miles: Now that the weather is cooler the room upstairs that my treadmill is in is as well, making my runs (or run/walks, depending on the day) a lot more practical. Once upon a time 50 would have been nothing, but considering I'm just now starting to log my miles again it's a good place to start.

3. Read 1,500 pages: This is a little more than normal, but there are so many books coming out that I really want to read! I need to get through some of my old ones to justify picking up a few new ones.

4. Track Personal Expenditures: I try to do this once a year or so for a month just to keep tabs on where my personal money is going (my husband and I keep separate accounts and then have a joint one for household expenses). 

5. Travel: Obviously a big trip is out of the question this month, but I am once again afflicted with cabin fever. I have a day trip out of the local area in the works for next weekend, so hopefully I can be assuaged for now. 

6. 30 Minutes of Uninterrupted Sawyer Time Five Days a Week: I spend a lot of time playing with Sawyer and caring for him, but it's not always thirty minutes straight and is often interrupted by folding a quick load of laundry or grading a few papers or starting dinner. I want to make an effort to devote thirty minutes straight at least five days a week to my little guy. I know people without kids probably think this is nothing, but I'd have to just say it is categorized in the "you wouldn't get it unless you have kids" category that I hated to hear about before I was a mom. 

7. Feel Less Nervous Breakdown-ish About Papers to Grade: I am always behind at work- it's The Plight of the English teacher. Lately, especially since I lost a weekend this month, I am more behind than usual and it's bugging me. I refuse to sit home and grade papers all the time, though. I refuse to no do something with my family or friends because I have essays to grade. I refuse to spend every work night with my signature blue gel pen making up writing. So, something has to give and I just need to make things work and get caught up. Conferences are in three weeks, so that's the perfect time-frame for me. 

8. Ten TED Talks: We're going to try this one again. I need to learn. 

9. Start 2016 Year in Review Book: My original goal was to complete every month of time of the photo album I do for myself and family each year, but have not. I uploaded all my pictures from my phone on to my computer the other day, so the next step is to actually get the book layout started. Mixbook, the company I use, does killer sales around New Years, so I want to have the book made so I can jump on them.

10. Throw Out or Donate 100 Things: I need less in my life. 


  1. I have been purging all year. I still feel like I have too much stuff in my life, so good luck! And good luck with your other goals!

  2. #10 is great! I should really do that too. I decluttered quite a bit a few months ago, but especially with a toddler, I feel like the house still gets away from me more than it should. I'm sure less stuff would help with that.