Prescriptions taking: two

Papers to grade: a million

Presents to wrap: two healthy-sized stacks

Holiday outings to partake in: a few

Pages to read before Wednesday book club: 465

Christmas projects to conclude: three

Baking recipes to make: four (?)

Good nights of sleep in the last ten days: none

Work days left until vacation: five 

Nervous breakdowns had: ZERO

This is my way of saying that things have been super quiet around these parts because I am way in over my head, between work, home, and catching a nasty bug on top of everything (excellent timing, universe!). Nonetheless, though, I am in this blissful state of denial that has me thinking everything will be fine and it will all get done (maybe it's the prednisone...). So, let's go with it. I got this. Alllllllllll of it. 

Those that were looking to participate in Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts last Wednesday, I apologize! I had a fever and went to bed at a super-geriatric time of night... I'll be back next week with the link-up! 


  1. Feel better soon!! We seem to be aligned in our activities as I've been knocked down by a cold bug too! Was in bed at 5pm last night!